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Good Quality Vertical Seam Welding Machine for Oil Tank Construction

Material:Stainless steel
Min order:1
  • MEGW-I


Tank Vertical Electric Gas Welder

EGW vertical gas-electric welder is an efficient automatic welding equipment according to the current feedback closed-loop to control the welding carriage improve. In a single weld pass forced by water-cooled once molding thickness from 10mm to 50mm is the main characteristic of it.

Vertical tank welder

Technical Parameter of Tank Welding Machine

Welding   Process

Electrogas   welding



Plate Thickness

8 – 45mm

Plate Material

Carbon steel


Single V groove/Double V groove

Seam Position

Vertical Weld

Min Tank Diameter


Plate Width

1.6 – 3.0m

Power Input


Erection Method

Bottom To Top

Dimension(L x W x H)

4000mm x 1900mm x 1100mm

Gross Weight


Major Component of Tank Welding Machine

A. Dual-Functional automatic Gas-electric vertical welding, suitable for 380V + 10% / 3PH / 50Hz, top down and bottom up application, a single set of machine includes the following components.

Equipment Composition


Automatic   Welding Rack

Automatic welding trolley, operation control box

1 set

Oscillation mechanism and control box

Welding torch adjustment mechanism, water-cooled welding torch,   water-cooled welding cable

Front slider and adjusting mechanism

Wire feed hose, water, electricity, air pipe

1 set

Magnetic track with effective travel dimension more than 3.0m

1 set

Water-cooled recycle device / water-cooled distribution system

1 set

Wire   Feeder

LWF-24 plus

1 set

Welding   Power


1 set

Double-Sided   Windproof Standard Welding Frame

Frame horizontal travelling transmission system, power   distribution system control box, waterproof bright light, Auxiliary power   switchboard

1 set

Standard welding frame

Front and rear Gas bottle holder

Welding   And Control Cables

Welding cable (150mm 2 x 80m)

1 set

Control cable (2.5 mm 2 x 10p x 80m)

Earthing cable (150mm 2 x 5m)

Power supply cable (4mm 2 x3p x 80m)

The quick couplings for cables connection.

Safe   Deposit Box

Power distribution control cabinet and   welding power source storage box

1 set

Supporting Special Tools

Special Toolbox



Accessories Along With Machine

See attached accessories list

1 Lot

Vertical tank welder

B. Scope of application:

1, Suitable for 380V + 10% / 3PH / 50Hz

2, Applicable diameter range: vertical tank with diameter over 4 m

3, Adapt to the thickness: 8-45mm

4, Groove shape: V-groove or X-groove or I/Square-groove

5, Adaptation position: vertical butt joint

6, Adapt to the width:

  a. Without the windproof frame, the track can be connected indefinitely, adapting to various plates;

  b. When equipped with a wind shield, the wind shield adapts to the adjustment range of the board width

Bottom up: 1.5m-3.2m

Top down: 1.6m-2.6m

7, Adapt to steel types: carbon steel, low alloy steel, high strength steel, stainless steel, etc.

8, Adapt to the welding process: To meet the special flux-cored wire Gas for Gas vertical welding, such as: imported EG-1, DWS-43G, DWS-60G, and other Gas vertical welding wires of international manufacturers (KOBELCO, LINCOLN, HYUNDAI, ESAB, HOBART), Welding Wire DiaΦ1.6mm (If require welding wire dia above 1.6mm, pls specify), shield Gas 100% CO 2

C. Equipment technical conditions

1, Automatic welding travel trolley

  a. Drive mode: DC motor with reducer, rack gear transmission

  b. Travel speed: Automatic welding travel speed controlled

  c. Travel clutch: gear bite type (automatic spring setting)

  d. Drive motor: DC motor with planetary gear reducer

Vertical tank welder

2, Oscillator and Controller

  a. Precision linear guide rail linear oscillator

  b. Oscillation motor: DC motor drive

  c. Oscillation mode: simple harmonic reciprocating vibration

 d. Maximum Oscillation amplitude: ±25mm, continuously adjustable during welding (along the thickness direction)

  e. Oscillation frequency: 0-50 times / min.

 f. Oscillation amplitude adjustment: Potentiometer control, automatic reset centering function, continuously variable during welding.

  g. Dwell time before / after Oscillation: 0-3 seconds potentiometer adjustment

  h. Oscillation speed control: potentiometer adjustment

  i. Oscillation switch: PID switch control

Tank welder parts

3, Torch adjustment

  a. Welding torch angle adjustment: 20° (along welding wire direction)

  b. Adjustment of the up and down position of the welding torch of the precision retractor: ±25mm stroke

  c. Right and left position adjustment of helical gear precision linear rail welding torch:±25mm stroke

  d. Thickness adjustment of welding torch of precision retractor: 20mm stroke

Vertical tank welder

4, Welding torch

  a. Type of welding torch: Special curved water-cooled welding torch

  b. Cooling method: water cooling

  c. Applicable welding wire diameter: Φ0.9-2.0mm (If required welding wire dia above 2.0mm, pls specify)

  d. Length of wire guide hose: 2.8m

  e. Rated current: 600A

  f. Duty cycle: 100%

automation carriage

5, Wire feeder LINCOLN LWF-24 Plus

  a. Wire feed speed: 1.5-18 m/min

  b. Applicable wire diameter: Ф0.9-2.0mm (If required welding wire dia above 2.0mm, pls specify)

6, Track: This Travelling track is suspended on the upper part of the windproof frame for use.

  a. Track form: semi-flexible aluminum alloy track, front guide rack drive;

  b. During welding, the track is stick on to the workpiece through several pairs of magnets, which will not be affected by the windproof frame shaking, ensuring the stability of the welding process.

7, Operation controller

  a. At the same time, it has two sets of closed-loop and open-loop control functions, and is equipped with the necessary switches, knobs and instruments for welding machine operation;

  b. Welding current feedback: Hall current sensor feedback, 0-2v;

  c. Automatic Travelling control: welding current signal feedback, PCB controlled motor with automatic speed regulation

  d. Adjustable electrical parameters on operation panel: Welding current: 0-600A; Welding voltage: 0-44v; Rod elongation control: 25-50mm; Open loop control welding speed: 0-550mm / min; Closed loop control welding speed: 0-250mm / min automatic adjustment Open-loop, closed-loop control transfer switch (automatic / manual switch) Quick lift switch (manual up-automatic-manual down) Operating power (on-off, with indicator light) Arc start (button, with automatic welding Travelling indicator) Arc extinguish (button)

  e. Instruments: Ammeter DC600A (60MV) 2.5 level / Voltmeter DC60V 2.5 level

8, Front copper slider

  a. It contacts the groove surface of the welded part and slides synchronously with the welding progress.

  b. Cooling method: water cooling

9, Front copper slider adjustment

  a. Right and left position adjustment of helical gear precision linear track: ±20mm stroke

  b. Pressure spring telescopic slider pressure regulator

10, Circulating water cooling device

  a. Circulating water tank with double circulation cooling method:

  b. Number of circulating water pumps: 2 sets (separate water supply to front slider and liner copper plate)

  c. The waterway is connected by a single closed quick joint;

11, Copper back shoe

  a. Cooling method: water cooling

  b. CrZrCu

  c. Length: 500mm/pcs (attached qty 5 pcs of X/V-groove-shape)

12, Supporting welding power supply

  a. Welding power supply: LINCOLN POWERPLUS 1000HD

  b. Primary voltage: 380V / 3 phase ± 10%, 50 / 60HZ

  c. Rated current: DC 1000A

  d. Duty Cycle: 100%

  e. External characteristics: CC/CV (constant current/constant voltage characteristics)

  f. Output current: 200-700A

  g. Non Load Voltage : Above 70V

Tank welder parts

13, Double-sided windproof welding frame

  a. Equipped with double-sided machine shed with all aluminum plate enclosed windproof frame

  b. installation is 1.6-2.6 meters, and the adjustment method is simple and convenient, and the stability of the rack can be ensured;

  c. Installation of the track on the rack: connected by two universal joints, in addition to the roller track sliding in the direction of the plate thickness, two movable connections are used on the side of the track to facilitate the parallelism of the track and the weld Pair adjustment;

  d. The lower part of the single-sided windproof welding frame is equipped with a Travelling drive mechanism, a cooling water circulation device, a power distribution panel, a ventilation fan, and a rail suspension part for lifting and lowering of the welding trolley. There is a Gas tank placement platform.

  e. The internal distribution box is equipped with a control sequence circuit, indicator light, and polarity switch for the power supply and Travelling required by the single-sided windproof welding frame.

  f. The operation control panel on the side of the rack is equipped with the following operation control system:

Travelling direction (left, stop, right) switch / Cooling water circulation (on, off) switch(lighting switch) / Travelling mode switching (continuous, micro) switch / Ventilation fan (on, off) switch

  g. Rack driving mechanism and speed control system:

  * Drive motor: 750W AC 380v / 220v 3 phase 50hz (domestic)

  * Travel reducer: cycloid reducer

  * Travelling controller: frequency converter (no speed adjustment)

 *  Travelling speed range: 0-4m / min (50 / 60HZ)

  h. Ventilation fan: 1 set, ventilation air volume: about 30m³ / min (input 50 / 60HZ)

  i. All kinds of power wiring in the rack are complete, including power for auxiliary tools.

Vertical tank welder

14, Safe deposit box

  a. Completely enclosed power supply distribution control cabinet and welding power storage box, that is, safe box;

  b. The closed storage box is made of section steel and steel plate, which is suitable for on-site rainproof, anti-theft and long-distance transportation.

Tank welder parts

15, Groove

Tank welding machine


Tank welding machine


Construction Site Photos

Vertical tank welder

Vertical tank welder

What we can bring to you?

1, Support you to win the project during bidding phase. We can provide your more suitable configurations to help you shorten the constrcution time.
2, We can provide all technical documents and advices to support you for construction procedure clearifications
3, We can support you to calculate the roughly construction time based one welding efficiency, the calculation of manpower needed, welding consumbles quantity
4, We can provide your suitable welding consumbles with much more competetive price from our long time business partner if you need.
5, We can provide site people training service, and operation service or manpower service or as a subcontractor.


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