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What is a tank welding machine?

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Tank welding machine is actually a transformer with lower external characteristics, which converts 220V and 380V alternating current into low-voltage direct current. Generally, welding machines can be divided into two types according to the output power type, one is AC power and the other is DC.


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l What is a tank welding machine?

l What are the specific types of tank welding machines?

l Working principle of tank welding machine.


What is a tank welding machine?

The tank welding machine can be said to be a high-power rectifier. It is divided into positive and negative poles. When AC power is input, it is transformed by a transformer, and then rectified by the rectifier, and then outputs a power supply with reduced external characteristics.


The output terminal is on and off. When it is turned on, a huge voltage change will be generated. When the two poles are short-circuited in an instant, the arc will be ignited. The arc will be used to melt the electrode and the welding material, and the purpose of combining them will be achieved after cooling. Welding transformers have their own characteristics,The external characteristic is the sharp drop in voltage after the electrode is ignited.


What are the specific types of tank welding machines?

1. Light tank welding machine is mainly full rivet type or mixed rivet and welding.

2. The medium tank welding machine is to forge several steel molds, then fill with solder and directly weld.

3. Heavy-duty tank welding machine, the steel plate is forged into a gear staggered shape, first buckled like a button, and then filled with solder, mainly to reduce the burden of the heavy armor on the solder.


Working principle of tank welding machine.

The main component of the tank welding machine is a step-down transformer. The two ends of the secondary coil are the work piece and the electrode to be welded. They will ignite the arc during operation and weld the electrode to the gap of the work piece under the high temperature of the arc. Because the iron core of the tank welding machine transformer has its own characteristics, it has the characteristics of a sharp drop in voltage, that is, the voltage drops after the electrode is ignited; when the electrode is short-circuited due to adhesion, the voltage drops sharply.


During the welding operation of the welding machine, although the current in the circuit is equal everywhere, since the resistance is different everywhere, the resistance at the unfixed contact is the largest. According to the law of thermal effect of flow, Q = IRt: When the current is equal, the greater the resistance, the higher the heat generation. Therefore, in the welding process, the contact resistance of the electrode contact point as the contact point of the metal body is the largest, so the electric heat generated in this part is naturally the largest, and the electrode is an alloy with a lower melting point.


The tank welding machine first uses a pulse generating circuit such as a 555 time base circuit to generate a rectangular pulse wave, then uses a transistor for current amplification, and then uses a pair of complementary field-effect transistors for voltage amplification to generate high-frequency signals, and finally uses the transformer with To boost the voltage, and get the induced alternating current on the secondary winding. Its power depends on the amplification capability of the amplifying circuit.


Tank welding machines mostly use single-ended forward inverter circuits composed of IGBT tubes, and most of their control systems use pulse width modulation chip SG3525. The inverter frequency is 20kHz, which can control the external characteristics of constant current.


When the system is at no load, the PWM modulator will output pulses intermittently due to voltage feedback control. Due to the low frequency of intermittent oscillation and narrow pulse width, not only the no-load loss is small, but the transformer is not easily saturated. Because this kind of welding machine adopts the control technology with pulse width modulation PWM as the core.

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