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Sales of RMB 10 million in 2018 and RMB 20 million in 2019 


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pipeline construction equipment Product
 Technical support
 After-sale service
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    With a large number of suppliers, we can choose the right suppliers according to customers' requirements and provide the most cost-effective products 

    We provide  big pressure vessel, heavy duty pressure vessel, industrial pressure vessel, automatic pipeline construction equipment, electric vertical tank construction solution, etc.

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    We have ability of providing workable solutions to support clients to be awarded with shorter project execution time, fewer man-hour cost and higher efficiency construction/fabrication method and better quality during phase of project bidding.

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    Based on client’s facility/site space availability, we are able to study/design and present matched configurations on project schedule, quality, cost and productivity to guarantee production pace is accordance with project requirement.

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    To support project execution, we are always ready to work as fireman to give prompt supply on project materials from different consumables, tools, equipments/machines to special merchandise. 

Service Guide List

Complete after-sales service, we can provide online and offline technical support, not only video guidance, but also on-site guidance, want to know more about high efficiency pipeline construction equipment, horizontal pipeline construction equipment, stainless steel pressure vessel,etc?

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Detailed Description of Simple Chain Type Hydraulic Jacking System
26 July 2022

Simple chain type hydraulic jacking system is composed of one-stage double-acting hydraulic cylinder, pulley block, load-bearing chain and oil way etc. Moveable pulley is used to enlarge chain stroke, i.e. traveling distance of the cylinder is 1/2 of lifting distance of the chain. It applies to inve

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Detailed Description of Simple Chuck Type Hydraulic Jacking System
26 July 2022

Simple chuck type hydraulic Jack is a double acting hydraulic jack (also known as hydraulic lifting machine) with upper and lower clamping heads divided into two bodies. It is suitable for lifting construction of various large storage tanks (steel) or other heavy objects. It needs to cooperate with

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Detailed Description of Advanced Three-Stage Hydraulic Jacking System
19 July 2022

Hydraulic jacking system is mainly used for inverted construction of vertical cylindrical steel storage tank (hydraulic jacking method) and inverted construction of vertical cylindrical low-temperature storage tank in petrochemical industry.



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