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China Hot Sale Tank Girth Seam Welding Machine

Material:Stainless steel
Min order:1
  • NSHW-I


Tank Girth Welding Machine

MSHW-I single side automatic girth welder used for top to bottom and bottom to top two tank construction way.

Tank welder

Technical Parameter of Girth Welder

Welding Process




Plate Thickness

8 – 45mm

Plate Material

Carbon steel, Stainless Steel


K groove

Seam Position

Girth weld

Min Tank Diameter


Plate Width

1.5 – 2.5m

Power Input


Erection Method

Bottom To Top

Dimension(L x W x H)

1460mm x 988mm x 2760mm(if design change, will as per new design)

Gross Weight


Tank welder

Configuration of Girth Welder

Equipment composition


Main Body Of Welding Machine

Welding head RCH-1

1 set

Welding control box RCH-1

Manual adjustment and straightening device for welding wire

Welding wire and spindle

1 set

Welding torch and angle trimmer

Travelling And Welding Integrated Controller

Control of running and welding parameters (current / voltage) of transverse welder

1 set

Welding Power Source


1 set

Welding Travelling   Girder

(AC Drive)

AC motor (dual drive)

2 sets

Travelling driving crossbeam

1 set

Driving wheel Qty (2) assembly

Semi enclosed welding frame for aluminum sheet / rain cloth

Rack guide wheel and its regulator

Welding Gun Regulating Device

Welding torch for middle, upper, lower, front and back regulators

1 set

Automatic Circulation Recovery System For Flux

Flux belt assembly

1 set

Welding belt adjuster

Flux delivery and recovery cycle Kit

Flux supply container

Vacuum pump

1 set

Electric hoist


Auxiliary System Inside Frame

Power distribution system

1 set


Welding And Control Cables  

Welding cable (150mm 2 * 60m)

1 set

Control cable (1.5 mm 2 x 9p * 60m)

Welding ground cable (150mm 2 * 10m)

Power supply cable (4mm 2 * 60m)

Safe Deposit Box

Power distribution control cabinet and welding   power source storage box

1 set

Supporting Special Tools




Accessories Along with Machine

See attached accessories list

1 Lot

Technical requirements for equipment

1, Welding Travelling Rack

a. Retractable welding travelling frame adopts fire retardant and rain proof layout, closed wind proof and rain proof structure, inside and outside steel pipe column, ladder climbing and pumping section integral adjustment design.

b. Welding travelling frame adopts four column structures made of thick square steel tubes, and the connection of the pumping nodes is safe and reliable without gaps, which ensures the rigidity of the whole frame and the stability of welding travelling.

c. The distance between the cross beam of the travelling wheel and the frame column can be adjusted to ensure that the frame is suitable for the welding conditions of the tank with a diameter of more than 5m.

Tank welder

2, Rack drive system

a. Drive motor AC dual drive motor

b. Small diameter travelling roller

c. Guide wheel: equipped with telescopic adjustor to adjust the compression force or distance.

d. Frame speed adjustment range: 50-2900mm/min, with quick reverse function.

e. Speed display method: LED digital display, welding speed can be preset;

f. Mitsubishi frequency converter

Tank welder

3, Flux vacuum recycling and support system

a. AC220V    50Hz

b. Rope Length  20m

c. Safety limit travel switch

d. Flux primary separator tank (50kg capacity)

Tank welder

4, Welder main body

A. Supporting Lincoln automatic submerged arc welding system in China has dual output characteristics of CC/CV:

a. Welding power supply: Lincoln China POWERPLUS 1000HD DC power supply

b. Primary voltage: 380v/ 3 phase + 10% 50/60HZ

c. Rated current: DC 1000A

d. Temporary load: 100%

e. External characteristics: cc/cv two characteristics output (descending characteristic / constant voltage characteristic)

f. Output current: 200—1200A

g. Output voltage: 1000A @ 44V

B. Welding head feeder: Lincoln China RCH-1

a. Wire feeding speed: 0.2-3m/min

b. Diameter range: 2.4-5mm

c. Wire tensioner:

* Manual adjustment and straightening device for domestic welding wire

* Single wheel bearing structure (optional paid three rounds)

d. Welding wire and spindle:

* Domestic matching

* Suitable for welding wire weight: 25kg/ volume

e. Wire feeding mode: wire drawing mode, the wire feeder is directly installed with the welding torch to ensure stable wire feeding.

Tank welder

Tank welder

5, Adjustment of welding torch

a. Up and down adjustment of welding torch: cross slider manual wheel type screw thread progressively.

b. Up and down adjustment range of welding torch: + 75mm

c. Front and rear adjustment mode of welding torch: cross slider manual wheel thread progressive.

d. Adjustment range before and after welding torch: + 50mm

e. Welding torch angle adjustment: Manual wheeled thread adjustment

f. Welding torch angle adjustment range: 0° ± 7.5°.

Tank welder

6, Laser pointer as welding indicator

7, A. Welding parameter control

a. CC/CV multi feature control function

b. Welding current range: 0-1000 A (Digital Display)

c. Scratching arc and finish arc control buttons

d. Welding current potentiometer adjustment (including wire feed speed regulation)

e. Adjustment of welding voltage and potentiometer

f. Digital current meter: 0-1000A

g. Digital display voltmeter: 0-60V

B. Lincoln China and travelling system control parts

a. Complete all control in the rack including power supply, control and adjustment.

b. AC 220V power control master switch (with indicator)

c. Flux recovery control switch (with indicator)

d. Interior lighting control switch

e. Travelling speed LED digital display table: 0.1 grade.

f. Travel speed potentiometer setting

g. Walk direction switch: left, stop, right.

h. Travelling mode switch: independent travelling, welder continuous moving.

i. Emergency stop button: cutting off the power and welding control of the complete welder.


Tank welder

8, Connecting cables and hoses inside the rack

Ensure that the full set of connecting cables and hoses needed in the rack can be provided to meet the best welding conditions.

9, Safe deposit box

a, Completely enclosed power supply distribution control cabinet and welding power storage box, that is, safe box;

b, theft and long-distance transportation.

tank welder

Construction site photos

Tank welder

Tank welder

Tank welder

What we can bring to you?

1, Support you to win the project during bidding phase. We can provide your more suitable configurations to help you shorten the constrcution time.
2, We can provide all technical documents and advices to support you for construction procedure clearifications
3, We can support you to calculate the roughly construction time based one welding efficiency, the calculation of manpower needed, welding consumbles quantity
4, We can provide your suitable welding consumbles with much more competetive price from our long time business partner if you need.
5, We can provide site people training service, and operation service or manpower service or as a subcontractor.


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