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Pipeline construction solution

With the increasing demand for petroleum products and natural gas for international economic development and national defense construction, the construction of long distance pipeline has ushered in a new round of construction peak, and also ushered in new development opportunities and challenges.Long-distance pipeline construction technology complex, involving more than professional, wide link category, large investment, long construction period, huge risk characteristics, therefore, for construction units, in the increasingly fierce market competition to choose the appropriate and correct machine equipment installation construction is of vital importance, directly affect the success or failure of project management.In order to get the first chance in the pipeline market and improve the project operating income, it is necessary to have advanced long distance pipeline construction equipment.

The construction steps of long distance pipeline are as follows:

1,Measuring and Lay-out


Measuring and laying out refers to the process in which surveyors use special instruments to determine the location of the center line of pipeline installation along the line and draw the boundary of the construction belt according to the design data of the line plan, profile diagram, line control pile and so on. This work is not only the design document check, but also the site construction of the first work. By measuring and laying out, we can master the terrain, topography, geology, buildings, obstacles and traffic conditions of the area through which the pipeline passes in detail, providing first-hand information for the construction of the project.

2, Construction work tape cleaning

Construction site

construction site

This work is to use bulldozers and other construction equipment to smooth the working belt, remove trees and other obstacles in the working belt, so as to facilitate the excavation of pipe trenches, temporary stacking of soil and pipeline welding and other operations.

3, Trench excavation


Long distance oil pipelines are generally laid in the ground, and trenches with sufficient depth and width should be excavated during pipeline construction.The earthwork section is usually excavated by manual or excavator, and the hard stone section is usually excavated by blasting.Large excavation, directional drilling, shield tunneling and other methods are often used for pipeline crossing rivers. Specific laying methods should be considered according to the size of rivers and geological conditions.

4,Steel pipe transportation

pipeline construction

Steel pipe transportation is the process of transporting steel pipe from a pipe plant or train transfer station to the construction site by road. The steel pipe shall be treated with anticorrosion before leaving the factory. Generally, three-layer PE anticorrosion layer is adopted, that is, the bottom layer of the pipe is epoxy powder, the middle layer is synthetic adhesive, and the outer layer is polyethylene anticorrosion layer of the pipe.

To ensure the integrity of the anticorrosive layer of the pipeline, special transport vehicles are required for the transportation of the steel pipe, special lifting belts are also required for the loading and unloading of the steel pipe, and soft materials such as rubber plates must be separated between the steel pipe and the frame as well as between the two steel pipes.

5, Pipe laying

pipeline laying

Pipe laying refers to the process of placing the steel pipes in the working belt to the construction position. Generally, the steel pipes are connected end to end and distributed in a zigzag pattern. In addition, the steel pipe should be placed on the flexible object, do not touch the stone and other hard objects. According to the needs of the construction environment, pipe laying is generally divided into two ways: working belt pipe laying and pipe laying under the ditch.

6, Alignment and welding of pipeline

pipeline clamp
pipeline welding machine

Pipeline group and welding is generally divided into ground group and welding and groove group and welding. Ground group and welding is generally suitable for flat terrain earthwork section, with wide working belt, personnel and equipment construction can be expanded, welding speed is fast. The groove group pair and welding method is mainly used for the stone section and the narrow section of the working belt, because the equipment can not stagger, can not cross the operation, the construction speed is relatively slow.

7, Repair the wound of the pipeline

pipeline construction
pipeline construction

After pipeline welding is complete, repair the pipe interface with anticorrosive layer, and repair the damaged anticorrosive layer. The quality of pipeline anticorrosive layer and the construction quality of repairing the wound directly determine the life of buried long-distance pipeline.

8, Pipe ditching

pipeline laying out

Pipe ditching operation refers to the process of using special pipe lifting equipment to lower the welded pipe to the bottom of the pipe ditch.

Finally, the trench backfill and restoration of the landscape.

By now, the installation of the whole long distance pipeline has been completed. We can provide a full set of equipment. Looking forward to your inquiry!!!

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