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  • Q Longitudinal shrinkage occurs after welding

    A This is very similar to the second case, where the joint contracts laterally after welding, whereas in this case the joint contracts longitudinally. The stress from this contraction also causes deformation, resulting in the welding deformation of the tank bottom.
  • Q Lateral shrinkage occurs after welding

    A There are many welds at the bottom of the tank. In the process of welding, the joint is easy to bite the lateral contraction after welding. Once this situation occurs, it will directly produce stress on the tank wall of the tank, thus causing the phenomenon of welding deformation.
  • Q Radial shrinkage occurs in the welding process

    A In the welding process of storage tank, once the force or the generated stress is unbalanced, it is easy to cause welding deformation. In one case, the radial contraction occurs in the welding, which will lead to a certain change in the stress of the mid-width plate, or this contraction will lead to the deformation of the plate Angle at the bottom of the tank.Both of these consequences will cause the appearance of welding deformation.
  • Q Circumulus welding problem of oil storage tank panel

    A In the welding process of the wall of oil storage tank, when the circum-seam welding is carried out, several welders are usually evenly distributed around the wall of the tank, and the welding is conducted in the same direction.In this process, current and voltage beads can easily become high and low convex, and the surface shape of vertical and high beads can also become wavy under low and high beads.Based on this, the following problems often appear in the circular seam welding of oil storage tank panels: poor shape of the first pass bead, pits in the first pass bead, poor shape of the middle pass bead, slag inclusion in the last pass bead, welding penetration at the T-shaped joint, and welding leakage at the groove.
  • Q Preventive measures for welding deformation of oil storage tanks

    A The main cause of floor deformation is the longitudinal shrinkage of the weld seam. The longitudinal shrinkage of the weld seam will lead to the floor warping and deformation, and then make the floor locally convex or wavy.Channel steel and clamp can be used to prevent the local contraction and deformation of the bottom plate.The welding sequence of the plate is from the inside to the outside, from the middle to the periphery. The short weld is welded first, and the long weld is welded later. The long weld of the plate is welded symmetrically by subsection back welding.In the big Angle seam welding, if the weld bead is contracted laterally, it will lead to the problem of Angle deformation of the big Angle seam.In the face of such problems, we should make up, cock ring to the edge of the plate between the channel steel welding squarely in the edge plate, lining, and large fillet welding welding inside the ring first Angle and lateral Angle of annular welding seam, uniform distribution by 2 n welders, welding along the same direction, refund welding welding by subsection welding, effectively prevent deformation.
  • Q Preventive measures for longitudinal seam welding of oil storage tank panels

    A In order to prevent the problem of poor welding penetration, the welding depth can be slightly increased, preferably beyond the groove center, and the groove shape is adjusted, and the welding voltage is slightly increased.In order to prevent the problem of bad fusion, the welding depth can be slightly reduced, the arc voltage has not been increased, and the welding pool and weld bead appearance can be observed and adjusted during the welding process.In order to prevent the problem of insufficient penetration, attention should be paid to make the bottom of the molten pool reach the groove center, and slightly increase the voltage, and adjust the welding edge gap.To prevent edging problems, the voltage should be appropriately lowered, and if the molten pool is offset, it should be moved to the center.Grinding wheel is used to clean the groove and its surrounding rust in order to prevent the occurrence of porosity in the root weld pass.
  • Q Preventive measures for circular welding of oil storage tank panels

    A In order to prevent the bad shape of the first pass bead, in the circular seam welding process of the tank panel, the welding current, welding voltage and welding speed should be carefully set in advance for the correct welding spot position, and the knob should be used to determine. At the beginning of the tank panel welding, the bead should be checked and adjusted quickly.In order to prevent the problem of pitting in the weld pass, all impurities in the groove should be removed during the circular welding of the tank wall. If the pitting occurs continuously, the welding operation should be stopped and the weld pass should be carefully cleaned.In order to prevent the bad shape of the middle-level weld bead, the welding joint position should be strictly corrected, the current should be appropriately reduced and the welding speed should be accelerated in the circular welding process of tank wall.In order to prevent slag inclusion in the final bead, the final bead shall be welded in strict accordance with the specified standards and requirements.In order to prevent the problem of welding through the T-joint, the T-joint should be strictly sealed on the inside of the steel plate, and the penetration depth should be slightly reduced during welding.In order to prevent the problem of leakage welding at the groove, we should ensure that the location of the selected solder joint is scientific and reasonable. If the width of the local groove is too large, manual welding can be applied.
  • Q Welding deformation

    A Oil storage tank wall design is relatively thin, with the progress of modern welding technology, a lot of welding method can realize the welding of this container, but in the actual operation process, the welding process has been welding deformation problems, this problem has become the development of welding technology in the future must break through the problem.In the welding process of the storage tank, especially in the welding process of the tank floor, the welding deformation is most likely to occur, because the tank floor is relatively thin, and the welding seam is more, it is very easy to appear wave deformation area.
  • Q How to Place an order?

    A Please kinldy send us your order by email,we will confirm the PI with you .we wish to know the below:your details address,phone/fax number,destination,transportation way ;
    Product informaiton:item number,size,quantity,logo,etc
  • Q How can I know your machine works well?

    A Before delivery, we shall test the machine working condition for you.And we warmly welcome you to China for inspection.
  • Q Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?

    A Certainly, we have made video of every machine.
  • Q What is our payment term?

    A We can accept the payment by T/T and Trade assueance .
  • Q What's the Payment method?

    A T/T,L/C and other payment method, Depend on customer.
  • Q Can I use my own forwarder to transport the products for me?

    A Yes, if you have your own forwarder in China, you can let your forwarder ship the products for you.
  • Q What's the shipping method?

    A International express and sea transportation,Depend on customer.
  • Q Does the machine have CE certificate?

    A Yes, others certifications also can be sent
  • Q Are you a factory or trading company?

    A  Yes,we are the trading company,but we have a lot of factories that have cooperative relationships, and we can get the best plan and price for you.

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