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Pressure vessel fabrication solution

Pressure vessel is a comprehensive product involving multiple industries and disciplines, and its construction technology involves metallurgy, mechanical processing, corrosion and corrosion prevention, nondestructive testing, safety protection and many other industries.Pressure vessels are widely used in chemical, petroleum, machinery, power, metallurgy, nuclear energy, aviation, aerospace, Marine and other sectors.It is the essential core equipment in the production process, is an important symbol of a national equipment manufacturing level.Such as chemical production in the reaction device, heat exchange device, separation device shell, gas-liquid storage tank, nuclear power reactor pressure casing, power plant boiler system in the drum and so on are pressure vessels.In short, the pressure vessel industry has a bright future.

The manufacturing process of pressure vessels includes the preparation of raw materials, marking, blanking, bending, forming, edge machining, assembly, welding, inspection and so on.

1. Preparation of raw materials

Before the steel marking, the steel should be pretreated first. Pretreatment of steel refers to the purification treatment, orthosis and application of protective primer of steel plate, pipe and section steel.

2. Marking

Marking is the first process of the pressure vessel manufacturing process, which directly determines the dimensional accuracy and geometric shape accuracy of the parts after forming, and has a great influence on the later group and welding process. The marking is to draw the cutting line, processing line, various position line and inspection line on the raw material or billet after preliminary processing, and mark (or write) the necessary marks and symbols.

3. Cutting

Cutting, also known as blanking, refers to the process of cutting the blank needed on the raw material drawn through the line.

  • Mechanical cutting mainly includes shearing, sawing, milling and punching, etc;

  • Oxygen cutting for short gas cutting, also known as flame cutting;

  • Plasma cutting machine can cut metal and non-metal, but mainly used for cutting stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel and their alloys

4. Forming

In our pressure vessel production line, the main use of rolling machine to form the plate.

5. Welding

The welding in the pressure vessel production line is done by the welding manipulator. The welding rotator frame rotates the cylinder, which makes the welding process easier for the welding manipulator. The grinding machine is to polish the weld after welding.

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