A simple, inexpensive,portable and easy to use hoerizontal or vertical tank seam welding machine.
1,Equipped with a variety of welding handling technology, the appearance of the weld is uniform, faster, more stable.
2,Can be adapted to all kinds of thin plate, thick plate welding.
3,The machine can realize all kinds of distance discontinuous welding, length and speed can be adjusted at will.

Portable Welding Machine of WINCOO ENGINEERING

Compared with our traditional large tank welders, this saves cost portable tank welding machine is not only small in size, but also more suitable for inexperienced workers at a lower price.
The machine tool sliding guide of portabel welding machine adopts advanced machine tool special linear guide, zero clearance operation, smooth running, no jam, no deformation, the whole machine integrity is higher. Moreover, the efficient and portable welding machine adopts high precision pitch adjustment in all directions, making welding faster, more stable and more accurate. At the same time, all parts are processed by advanced CNC machine tools, greatly improving the accuracy and durability. The machine body adopts high-temperature spraying process + aluminum oxidation, so that the overall appearance of the machine to a higher level.
Safety portable welding Machine equipped with special robot welding gun, welding quality is better and more stable.
WINCOO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is committed to research better equipment for storage tank construction.
Featured Portable Welding Machine

Tank Welding Machine

WHL-III Safety Portable Automatic Tank Welding Machine is a cheap, high-quality and professional machine newly developed by our company, which is used to weld the horizontal and vertical seam of storage tanks.Compared with our traditional large tank welder, this new type of welding machine is not only small in size, low in price, but also easier to operate, people without welding experience can easily use.

Orbital Welding Machine

WQ-III Portable Orbital welding machine can be used to weld not only pipes but also pressure vessel.And the inner wall and outer wall can be easily welded, cost-effective at the same time the welding effect is also very good.
The main parts of the machine are welding gun swing device, slider, welding gun handle, control box, control panel and other accessories.

Magnetic Cutting Machine

The overall cutting process of the WCG2-11 portable cutting machine has been completely automatic operation, simple and convenient operation, no labor, cost saving, improve efficiency. Machine assembly is simple and convenient, complete accessories. The installation steps of the whole machine are convenient and quick, quick use, save installation time, both sides of the host handle, easy handling; The machine is equipped with two groups of four-strength magnetic wheels, which automatically cut the steel pipe through the transmission mechanism. In the cutting process, oxygen spray gun or oxygen propane flame can be used.

Plasma Cutting Machine

FPWC-III plasma cutting machine uses sensor technology to realize the trajectory control. The intersecting line cutting machine climbs on the pipe, sends the high-precision real-time position information to the control system, and then follows the cutting curve in a very small time.This control method is completely different from the traditional bench pipe intersecting line cutting.
And for the first time, a complete solution of on-site cutting of pipeline intersecting line is proposed.By using the crawling cutting method around the pipe, the volume and weight can be significantly reduced, which is easy to carry to the site, does not occupy the resources of the workshop, and can realize the flexible production line layout.
Why Choose Portable Welding Machine of WINCOO
The multifunctional portable welding machine is integrated design, easy to operate, while reducing all kinds of messy external control lines, effectively prevent damage to the line and control, make the working environment more concise.
The lengthened magnetic seat on the track reduces the weight and number of switches with the same suction force, making it easy to install even for a woman.
The design of the special connecting plate for the track end is noteworthy. The bolt is used in the forward direction, which can connect two or more tracks into a longer whole. Bolt reverse use, can make the track fast, accurate lap, so that the length of infinite cycle.
Low consumables portable welding machine drive and control all adopt AC 20V voltage, more safe.
The professional welding gun used by this machine can be adapted to different welding gun joints, no matter you are using other welding machine, can be used perfectly.
Flexible and convenient to use, non-welder can weld a perfect weld, one person can operate more than one machine at the same time, greatly reduce labor costs, improve the quality of weld, improve work efficiency.
Field Performance of Portable Welding Machine
Portable Welding Machine Video

FAQs of Portable Welding Machine

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