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How to choose a tank welding machine?

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In recent years, with the large-scale application of tank welding machine, the welding quality requirements of tank welding machines are getting higher and higher. The following points should be paid attention to before purchasing tank welding machines.


Here is the content list:

l Know the production performance of tank welding machine in advance.

l Need to understand the characteristics of tank welding machine before buying.

l Detailed description of the purchase reference of tank welding machine.


Know the production performance of tank welding machine in advance.

Applicable materials for tank welding machine:tank welding machine uses ordinary welding wire as the repair material. The materials are: gray iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, carbon steel, die steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper and other conductive metals can be repaired .


Scope of application of tank welding machine: tank welding machine is a professional precision repair welding equipment for small defects such as pinholes, sand holes, pores, cracks, bumps, scratches, pits and mechanical parts surface wear and mold wear. It is widely used in mold industry, foundry industry, electrical appliance manufacturing industry, medical equipment, automobile, shipbuilding, boiler, construction, bridge construction and other industries.


Need to understand the characteristics of tank welding machine before buying.

(1) Low heat and normal temperature welding, the matrix does not generate heat, does not produce thermal deformation, the metallographic structure near the welding point is unchanged, there is no stress, no crack, no hard spot hardening phenomenon, and does not affect the machining performance.

(2) Simple operation, multi-purpose in tank welding machine. In addition to the surfacing repair function, it can also strengthen the surface coating of cemented carbide such as tungsten carbide.

(3) Argon gas protection has good adhesion, high welding strength, metallurgical bonding, and re-solidification after the filling material and the matrix are melted at the same time, and the bonding is firm, dense, and does not fall off. After welding repairs, various machining processes such as turning, milling, planing and grinding can be carried out.

(4) The source of tank welding machine is wide, economical and practical, the whole machine is about 30KG, and it can be repaired online.

(5) Rotary self-destructive electrode deposition surfacing welding, easy to operate and high working efficiency.

(6) Environmental protection and no pollution. No harmful gas is generated, it can be directly held by hand, can be seen by eyes, and the welding position is accurate, the welding point is small, and the amount of repair after welding is small.

(7) The tank welding machine repair process is the repeated melting and accumulation of high-frequency welding repair points. No matter the size of the defect, it can be repaired as long as the pen tip can touch.

(8) Pure metal repair, no welding repair trace, welding repair effect meets quality inspection standards.


Detailed description of the purchase reference of tank welding machine.

1. When purchasing tank welding machine products, go to formal manufacturing companies or large shopping malls, and choose brand-name and high-quality products with a high market share. Don't go to a small store for cheap, as the quality of the tank welding machine cannot be guaranteed.

2. Before buying, you can check the operation, conversion and installation of the switch on the panel, the power indicator light is on and off, the fan is normal, whether there is abnormal vibration and buzzing in the power supply part, whether there is a peculiar smell, and whether it is in appearance There are heat generation phenomena such as discoloration to ensure the quality of the tank welding machine and give full play to the performance of the tank welding machine.

3. The dealer can be required to provide a product quality inspection report or certificate when purchasing. Because tank welding machine products are national compulsory certification products, you must confirm whether the product has passed the "3C" certification when purchasing. You can also check online.

4. When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product has the name of the manufacturer, production address, specifications, model, welding current adjustment range, load duration, input voltage and current, etc., and then determine what you want to buy according to work needs tank welding machine.

5. Be sure to check whether the product has a grounding screw when purchasing. The grounding screw connection should be well grounded without paint. Whether the movement is clean and the insulation is damaged to ensure safe use. You can also check if necessary.

6. If you want to buy a gas-protected tank welding machine, check whether the accessories are complete, whether the wire feeder is oily, whether it rotates smoothly, whether the connecting cable matches the outer insulation, to ensure the stability of the arc.


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