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Automatic Girth Welding Machine Safety Manual

WINCOO Engineering offers the Automatic Girth Welder for tank fabrication applications. This self-propelled submerged arc welding system can reduce field storage tank welding time up to 40%. Weld defects are greatly reduced, saving tank erection costs.The Girth Welder is applicable for top down or bottom-up construction single or double wall storage tanks for inside and outside welding.
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Security Warning of Automatic Girth Welding Machine

  • AGW Security Warning
    Operation Manual
    Read the Operation Manual before use and strictly comply with safety rules as specified.
  • 2
    Labor Protection
    The machine must be operated by well-trained skilled worker and equipped with articles for labor protection.
  • AGW Security Warning
    Arbitrary Refitting
    The machine can only be used for design purposes, arbitrary refitting or change of design purposes may result in potential safety hazards
  • 4
    Rainproof Dampproof
    The machine must be put in dry places, rainproof and dampproof
    measures should be taken against outwork, no use under humid environment
  • AGW Security Warning
    Grounded Use
    The machine must be reliably ground before use
  • 6
    High Voltage
    Power frequency voltage open-case inspection of switchboard and control cabinet is strictly prohibited by non-electrical workers.
  • AGW Security Warning
    Electrical Hazard
    Secondary output of welder can cause personal injuries.
  • AGW Security Warning
    No Corrosive Liquid
    Gases, steam, chemical deposits, dirt and other explosive and
    corrosive media which seriously influence welder operation,
    strenuous vibration and jolt are prohibited in the operation place.
  • AGW Security Warning
    Keep Away
    Welding is dangerous, protect yourself and colleagues, avoid serous damages and death, keep away from children!
  • AGW Security Warning
    Electric Shock

    There can be injuries in electric shock. No direct contact with electrical component surface to avoid death from electric shock and serious
  • AGW Security Warning
    Arc Rays
    Arc radiation can burn eyes and skin. Arc rays during welding can
    produce a lot of heat and strong ultraviolet radiation and damage eyes and skin.
  • AGW Security Warning
    Fumes & Gases
    Fumes and gases during welding can be hazardous to your health.

Precautions for Using Automatic Girth Welding Machine

  • Precautions for Automatic Girth Welder
    Close control and power
    1. Close control cabinet and power box usually
    2. Correctly set the welding supply switch
    3. When hoisting the welder frame, be careful not to make the frame collide with the construction building. When the welder frame straddles to the tank wall, use the frame top wheel to support the tank wall. Do not allow the frame to collide with the tank wall.
  • Automatic Girth Welding Safty
    Wear dry gloves
    Automatic Girth Welder
    When the welder is working, the welding rod and workpiece (or earth) circuit live. Do not touch these live parts with bare skin or wet clothing. Welders should wear dry gloves with separate fingers to insulate their hands
  • Using Automatic Girth Welder
    Use dry insulating objects

    Automatic Girth Welding Machine

    Use dry insulating objects to insulate you from the workpiece and the ground. Make sure the insulating object is sufficient to keep you out of contact with the workpiece and the ground. If welding is to be carried out under the risk of electric shock, (eg. In damp places or while wearing wet clothes; On a metal structure such as a floor, fence, or scaffold; When the body does not stretch such as sitting, kneeling or lying, that is, if the inevitable contact with the workpiece or the ground) the following equipment shall be used in addition to the prescribed safe operation:
    ⚫ Semi-automatic dc constant voltage (wire feeder) welding machine
    ⚫ Dc manual arc welding machine
    ⚫ Ac welding machine with anti-shock function

  • Notice for Automatic Girth Welder
    Electrical must be safely grounded

    1. Make sure the work cable is well connected to the metal to be welded. Connections should be as close to the weld as possible.

    2. Workpieces to be welded shall be well grounded electrically

    3. Ensure welding rod clamp, workpiece clamp, and welding machine work properly and safely. Replace damaged insulation.

    4. Do not cool the welding rod by immersing it in water.

    5. Do not touch the tongs of two welders at the same time, because the
    the voltage between the two welders may reach the sum of their no-load


  • Automatic Girth Welder Security
    Work at height and safety protection

    1. All operators must be certified to work and carefully survey the site, formulate the corresponding safety technical measures.

    2. When working at high altitudes, use safety belts to prevent falls.

    3. When welding or observing an arc, use a mask with black glass and a cover to prevent eye burns from sparks or arcs. Mask and black glass shall conform to ANSIZ87.1 standard.

    4. Wear clothes made of refractory material to protect the skin from spark and arc burns. Use appropriate, flame retardant objects to protect other personnel and advise them not to observe arcs or stay away from arcs, splashes, or hot parts.

  • Warning of Automatic Girth Welding Machine
    Ventilation and exhaust gas prevention

    The waste gas produced by welding is not good for health. Inhalation of these gases should be avoided. When welding, the head should not face these exhaust fumes. Use adequate ventilation to keep exhaust gas away from the breathing area. Special ventilation equipment should be used when welding stainless steel or cladding or leaded (Refer to the terms of the container or MSDS)or cadmium plated steel or other coatings capable of producing toxic fumes. To minimize exposure, use local exhaust or mechanical ventilation while inferior to TLV. Protective masks are required in restricted areas or outdoors. Also, pay attention when welding galvanized steel.

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