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Hydraulic Cold Pipe Bending Machine for Pipeline Construction Machinery

The hydraulic cold pipe bending machine is mainly composed of outer bracket, lower die, positioning seat, wedge block, hydraulic cylinder, pipe bender, pipe hosting frame, power station and so on.
  • 6 inch to 56 inch
Hydraulic Cold Pipe Bending Machine

Product Description

The hydraulic cold pipe bending machine is mainly composed of outer bracket, lower die, positioning seat, wedge block, hydraulic cylinder, pipe bender, pipe hosting frame, power station and so on.

pipe bending machine
pipe bending machine

Product Advantages

I, Features and advantages of Hydraulic cold pipe bending machine.
Conduct large data optimization on the hydraulic cylinder of cold pipe bender.In order to shorten the bending speed of the cold pipe bending machine, the working stroke of the hydraulic cylinder is calculated precisely, and the bending speed is improved obviously. The theoretical experiment can save 10% time when bending a cold bend tube about 10°. Improve work efficiency.
1, In order to improve the bending speed, the operation control valve imported from Italy with large flow rate (about 400 liters per minute) is specially made. Extended service life.
2, The engine, hydraulic cylinder and other parts are all produced by professional manufacturers at China and abroad.

II, Characteristics and advantages of Power station

Independent power station
1, The design of the power part of the one-piece cold pipe bender is relatively narrow. During the maintenance of the engine, the removal of oil filter and diesel filter is complicated due to the small gap between various parts. The independent power station is very convenient in daily maintenance because of the large gap between different parts.
2, In order to give the operator a low noise working environment, the power part is designed as an independent type, which can be far away from the main engine, and the fast connection device is used to connect with the main engine. Meanwhile, it is convenient for cold pipe bending machine transportation.
3, The operating temperature of the hydraulic oil circuit of pipe bender equipment is between -30 ºC and 50ºC. The high temperature construction environment has brought inconvenience to the long time construction of the cold bending pipe, which is easy to cause high oil temperature rise and accelerated aging of hydraulic components, which has seriously affected the service life of the equipment. The radiator of the power source must have sufficient heat dissipation capacity. Therefore, the design of a special radiator device, heat dissipation effect is two times of the ordinary radiator, and installed a temperature sensor, the realization of automatic temperature control. Ensure that the cold pipe bender can run for a long time without stopping. Improved work efficiency.
4, Hydraulic oil preheating device is added
During the construction of the cold pipe bender in the low-temperature environment, due to the low temperature of the hydraulic oil, the preheating circulation system is formed by using the radiator of the engine, so that the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises rapidly, the preheating time of the equipment is increased, and the equipment enters the working state in advance.
5, The oil suction filter and oil return filter are installed on the hydraulic mailbox of power station, and the warning device for cleaning and replacing the filter element of hydraulic oil filter is installed. Can prompt the operator to carry out maintenance work in time.

III, Characteristics and advantages of hydraulic mandrel

The hydraulic mandrel was optimized and improved. While not affecting the quality of the normal bend, it is shortened and optimized to reduce the overall weight and greatly prolong the service life of the walking mechanism. Improved work efficiency.

Technical performance and characteristics

1, The main hydraulic power source adopts Deutz engine, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor, which are HUADE brand well-known in China.
2, The operating mechanism adopts assembly parts imported from Italy, which is light and flexible in operation and accurate in control, thus ensuring the accurate bend of the steel pipe
3, The mandrel adopts full hydraulic control, double-angle steel wedge structure, and soft structure externally to effectively ensure that the inner anticorrosion layer of the steel pipe is not damaged. Its working principle is to use its wedge face and hydraulic drive to make it up quickly and meet the requirements of bending steel pipe. The walking part of the mandrel is to use the auxiliary hydraulic power to drive the hydraulic motor to ensure the smooth walking of the tire core in the steel pipe.
4, The hydraulic cold pipe machine provided by our company refers to the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, with
reasonable design, compact structure, controllability and high work efficiency. It is an essential tool for the processing and production of cold pipe bending of large pipelines.
5, The whole machine adopts high quality power equipment and hydraulic drive device, which has excellent performance, reliable quality and can adapt to harsh construction conditions.


Product Parameters

Bend range 6"~20" 16"~30" 20"~32" 28"~40" 36"~48" 48"~56"
Type of tube applicable It is applicable to the bending of threaded pipe, straight pipe, seamless pipe, inner anticorrosion layer and polyethylene outer anticorrosion steel pipe without damaging the anticorrosion layer of steel pipe.
Operating temperature -30ºC~+50ºC
Engine power 46kW 77 kW 118 kW 132 kW 160 kW 160 kW
Oil cylinder 2-220×160 2-280×220 4-320×230 4-360×250 4-450×560 6-360×560
Riser cylinder 2-180×63 2-200×80 4-220×90 4-250×100 4-280×200 4-280×200
Hydraulic winch tension 1.5T 3T 7T 7T 8T 12T
Field installation The installed track is fully sealed and lubricated, maintenance-free, especially suitable for working in cold weather. After a long time storage, can be used immediately, without additional maintenance work. Modular design
Dimensions(L*W*H)mm 4450×2180×2175 6700×2520×2700 8400×3000×2800 8850×3180×3000 9800×3335×3235 Machine parameter
Hydraulic station parameter

Product Photos

pipe bending machine
pipe bending machine
pipe bending machine


pipe bending machine



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