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EGW Automatic Tank Vertical Welding Machine for Oil Tank

Material:Stainless steel
Min order:1
  • MEGW-I-Z/D


Tank EGW Vertical Seam Welding Machine

EGW vertical gas-electric welder is an efficient automatic welding equipment according to the current feedback closed-loop to control the welding carriage improve. In a single weld pass forced by water-cooled once molding thickness from 10mm to 50mm is the main characteristic of it. Molten pool liquid level automatic control at the same time, And the length of wire stretched out is automatic adjusted. With the small volume, light weight welding carriage and flexible modular easy to update, it's used convenient. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, the blast furnace of thick plate welding and shipbuilding and other industries.

Vertical tank welder

Technical Parameter of Tank Welding Machine



Welding Currency


Welding Voltage


Welding Speed


Power Input


Rated power



V/X Groove


Vertical   seam(3G)

Full traveling speed


Full traveling speed of carriage


Tank Dia

5.0m and   above

Wire Dia


Plate Thickness

10 ~45mm

Shell width

Bottom-to-top   1.5~3.2m

Torch adjustment

3 axis

Torch up/down adjustment


Torch fwd/rev adjustment


Major Component of Tank Welding Machine

A. Master Frame

Master frame of the EGW welder is constructed of structural steel and square tube members.

  a. Erection Method: Bottom-to-Top

  b. Min Diameter: Φ5.0m

  c. Shell Width: Bottom-to-top 1.5-3.0m

Vertical tank welder

B. EGW welding carriage and control

Tank welder parts

Tank welder parts

C. Control method: Close-loop control or open-loop control, chosen by switch

1,  Traveling motor is made in Japan.

2,  Clutch: Yes, it is used to move carriage manually

3,  Control

  a. Button

  * Arc Start * Arc stop * Feed Wire

  b. Light

  * Power ON/OFF * Traveling automatically

  c. Meter

  * Ampere meter 2.5G

  * Volt meter 2.5G

  d. Switch

  * Carriage UP/DOWN

  e. Knob

  * Welding Current * Welding Voltage * Stick out * Traveling speed when open-loop control

Tank welder parts

4, Oscillator and control

  a. Amplitude: 0-50mm

  b. Frequency: 0-50 T per minute

  c. Dwell time: 0-3s

  d. DC motor: 52W

Tank welder parts

5, Torch and its adjustment

  a. Water cooling torch

  * Diameter:1.6 ~2.4mm * Water cooling

  b. Adjustment

  * Vertical adjustment : 100mm * Horizontal adjustment : 100mm

Tank welder parts

Tank welder parts

6, Rigid rail (3.5m, including 6 pcs electric magnets) 

  a. Rigid rail

  b. Rack is installed on front face of rail, and it extends the life of rail.

  c. Electric magnets

7, Copper backing bar

  a. 5 piece for X groove and 5 piece for V groove

  b. Length : 500mm/piece

8, Water and water distributor

  a. Filter supplied with water cooler

  b. Power input: 220V/1PH/50HZ (transformer supplied by seller)

  c. Water capacity: 100L

  d. Pump Power: 370W

D. Cable Assemblies

Welding Cable  :  120mm2×60m

Control Cable   :  10p×2.5mm2×60m

Power Cable    :  3p×4mm2×60m

Ground Cable   :  120mm2×5m

E. Power Source and Wire Feeder

a. The standard welding equipment supplied is the Lincoln DC600 welding power source and High-speed Wire Feeder for EGW.

b. Power source Lincoln DC600

  * Model: DC600

  * Rate Output: 600A

c. High-speed Wire Feeder for EGW

  * Wire Diameter: Φ1.6mm

  * Feed Speed: 0.5-10m/min

Tank welder parts

Tank welder parts

F. Power Source and Wire Feeder~Miller, the USA

  a. The welding equipment supplied is the Miller S22A weld head fitted with nozzle and wire rolls. Wire reel(12.5kg)will be supplied with equipment too.

  b. Power source : SubArc DC800,CE

  c. S22A Wire Feeder

Tank welder parts

Tank welder parts

G. Groove

Tank welder parts


Tank welder parts


H. Electric Cabinet

Tank welder parts

Tank welder parts

Construction Site Photos

Vertical tank welder

Vertical tank welder

What we can bring to you?

1, Support you to win the project during bidding phase. We can provide your more suitable configurations to help you shorten the constrcution time.
2, We can provide all technical documents and advices to support you for construction procedure clearifications
3, We can support you to calculate the roughly construction time based one welding efficiency, the calculation of manpower needed, welding consumbles quantity
4, We can provide your suitable welding consumbles with much more competetive price from our long time business partner if you need.
5, We can provide site people training service, and operation service or manpower service or as a subcontractor.


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