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Shot Blasting Machine for Steel Structure Production Line

Min order:1
Material:stainless steel
  • QZ320



Roller-through shot blasting machine refers to all kinds of steel materials,Such as steel plate, steel, steel beam, section steel, steel pipe and cast steel parts,in a continuous way to remove the oxide skin, cleaning and pretreatment of the machine equipment.

Shot-blasting machine is applied to clean the surface of steel structure welding workpiece, H-style steel, plate and other profiles. It can clean away rusty spot, rusty scale, welding slag on the workpiece surface, as well as welding stress, in order to remove stress and improve surface lacquer quality and rot proofness of steel structure and steel.

shot blasting machine
shot blasting machine

Product Working Principle

Roller-through shot blasting machine is composed of the following parts: main and auxiliary cleaning room; Cleaning device; Shot blasting device; Conveying system; Shot tube; Elevator; Separator; Shot delivery system; Dust removal system; Electrical control system, etc.

1, Roller-through shot blasting machine is a kind of multifunctional shot blasting equipment mainly suitable for small and medium-sized workpiece which can not collide and roll. It can impose strong shot blasting on the surface of the workpiece in the original state, remove the engineering residue and oxide skin on the workpiece, so that the workpiece can obtain a certain finish and uniform metal luster surface, in order to remove the stress. Improve the surface finishing quality and anti-corrosion performance of the workpiece. In order to ensure the easy passage of the workpiece, the workpiece is transferred by the roller table drive, one time through cleaning.

shot blasting machine

2, Roller-through shot blasting machine is a high performance shot blasting equipment for roller table conveying. In the cleaning process, when the conveying roller table is driven by the speed regulating motor to send the workpiece into the throwing area of the cleaning room, the workpiece body is hit and rubbed by the dense and powerful projectiles from the different directions of the spatial structure, the rust and dirt on the surface of the workpiece quickly fall off, and the workpiece surface gets a certain roughness. At the same time due to the intensive strong impact of the workpiece, eliminate the stress of the workpiece, avoid the workpiece deformation.

through shot blasting machine

3, In the cleaning process of the shot blasting machine, the shot dust mixture is collected in the lower shell of the elevator by the chamber body feeding screw conveyor and then reaches the separator by the elevator and conveyor. The shot dust waterfall is generated by the separator, and the dust is removed by the wind. The clean shot after separation falls into the separator hopper and is thrown by the shot blasting machine by the shot conveying system.

roller-through shot balsting machine

Product Advantages

1, The quantity of shot-blasting and arrangement mode both are calculated by computer mass ejection simulation. The 8 impellers are located at upper and lower, right side and left side, ensuring that the bunch of projectiles ejected by shot-blasting cover the most part of the steel surface, including the end parts. It makes sure that the effect of shot-blasting is overall and effective.

2, The system is a centrifugal peering shot-blasting, which is adopted in advantages of massive shot-blasting and high ejection speed. Both the quantity and the momentum of the projectiles ejected to the workpiece surface are highly improved in unit time. So it can shorten the shot-blasting time, and improves the efficiency, comes to a pleasing cleaning quality.

3, Dedusting system adopts filtration type of back flushing. Dust collector adopts folded dedust filter cylinder, and the dedusting area has increased. The filter cylinder adopts nano-meter fiber technology; dust collection efficiency is more than 99.99%, especially for dust particles with a diameter of 0.5μm. After efficient filtration, the air is clean and can be recycle used or indoor emission. The pulse controller can adjust the frequency, speed and intensity of ash removal, compared with domestic traditional bag type single grade dedusting system, it has advantages of high dedust efficiency, lower operation resistance, small volume, light weight, easy replacement and so on. Emission quantity meets the national emission standard.

4, Shot sand separation system adopts advanced full curtain type, it’s invented by company after a long time research. It’s especially for steel structure shot separation cleaning after blasting. The performance i achieves home and abroad similar product level. The separation combines both wind selection and screening together, separates dust, metal oxide scale fragments, broken sand, large particles from qualified projectile, and obtains clean steel shot.

5, Spring steel plates and resistance rubber complex figure type baffles are installed in the two ends of shot-blasting chamber, in order to prevent projectiles splashing. At same time, it decreases the area of chamber in and out ports, so enhances the effect of dedust.

6, Projectile clean-away device is installed in every out port of chamber, it can blow away remained projectile on workpiece, reduce the wastage of projectile, lower the leakage of projectile. To the complicated structure workpiece, operator can clean projectile at outside. Dust is absorbed by dedusting system. This system adopts self-circulation type to clean the surface.

7, Adopting the international advanced technology projectile controller. Not only can control projectile self-support. But also can through the control valves’work schedule regulate projectile’s flow rate. So as to realize it supply controllable and adjustable. It can guarantee no leakage projectile and jam phenomenon .Diversion safe and reliable.

8, Aim at different specifications, shapes and complex degree of steel. The roller running speed can use transducer to on-line adjusting. Make different parts can get cleaning effect.

Product Parameter

Size of workpiece       
Width×height ≤800×1800mm
Length                                       3000-12000mm
Quality requirement                             Sa2.5, Ra15-50
Impeller head
Model of impeller head                           QZ320
Quantity of shot-blasting                           8×200kg/min
Turning speed                                   2940r/min
Shot blasting speed                               73m/s
Driving power                               8×11KW
Workpiece conveying system
Length of input roller conveyor                       12000mm
Length of output roller conveyor 12000mm
Length of roller conveyor in chamber                     6100mm
Distance between roller conveyor out of chamber           1000mm
Load capacity of roller conveyor                       1000kg/m
Conveying speed                                   0.5-5m/min
Shot conveying system
Capacity of shot conveying                           120T/h
Longitudinal screw conveyor
Driving power                                     5.5KW
Power of bucket hoister
Driving power                                     7.5KW
Hoisting speed                                     1.5m/s
Hoisting capacity                                   120T/h
Power of curtain separator
Driving power                                       4KW
Width of curtain                                   2000mm
Steel shot diameter                                ф0.8-ф1.2mm
Model of dusting system
Discharge quantity                                 <120mg/m3
Wind speed of the gate                               <5m/s
Handling volume of dusting system                   15000m3/h
Quantity of filter core                               12
Filtering area (12×20)                                 240m2
Centrifugal ventilator Model                         4-72-5A
Centrifugal ventilator air volume                     15000m3/h
Centrifugal ventilator wind pressure                   2022 Pa
Centrifugal ventilator power                         15KW
Cleaning system ventilator power                     15KW
Overall power                                       ≈140KW
Whole machine air volume                           15000m3/h


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