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Electric hoist inverted lifting tank scheme

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Tank lifted by N sets of 5T-3M model electric chain hoist, 5 tons of electric chain hoist can be used up to 60% of its max tonnage, that is, no more than 3 tons.The max stroke of the electric chain hoist is 3 meter(length can be customized).

Equipment operation steps:

1.First,making the top first circle plate of the tank body on the bottom plate;Then install the expansion ring on the first ring plate(The bottom of the expansion ring is about 200mm away from the bottom edge of the first ring plate);Finally, tighten the ring on the first ring plate with the screw jack.

2.Installed the lifting column on the inner side of the tank 400mm away from the tank wall and N lifting columns are evenly arranged on the inner side of the whole tank.Then the upper end of the column and the bottom plate of the tank are fixed with two pull rods as triangular stay support.

3.Using the pull rod to pull the two adjacent lifting columns to form an integral circle. And a lifting lug is welded on the expansion ring corresponding to the lifting column, the baffle is welded on the tank wall at the upper end of the expansion ring to block the ring.

4.Hang the electric chain hoist on the lifting lug at the top of the column and Hook the hook of the electric hoist on the lifting lug of the expansion ring.Then install all the electric hoist in order and connect the power supply of all electric hoist to the main control board(The main control board can control each electric hoist separately, and can also control all electric hoist centrally and synchronously).

Note:Switch on the total power supply, then pre-tighten each electric hoist, check whether the receiving force of all electric hoist is uniform and check whether all lifting points are normal.If everything is normal, it can be lifted.

5.Switch the main control board to the centralized control and switch on the overall rising button, so that all electric hoist will rise synchronously.In the process of lifting, if some electric hoist fails to work, the master control board shall be converted to separate control. After re-tightening the loose electric hoist, lift it as a whole until it reaches the specified height. Finally, adjust the lifting height to be consistent through separate adjustment.

6.Make the second ring plate, after welding the vertical seam and block, drop all the electric hoist as a whole, and let the first ring plate fall back to the second ring plate, so that the overall lifting of the first ring plate is completed.

7.After the girth seam welding is completed, loosen the expansion ring.And lower the rising ring to the designated height at the bottom of the second ring plate with the electric hoist, and then carry out the preparation for the next lifting.


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