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Solution of pipeline construction equipment

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With the progress of society and the development of economy, people's demand for resources is increasing.From cars that need diesel to power plants that need oil.In short, oil, natural gas and other resources have become indispensable in daily life.But conventional rail and cruise transport is slow and uncertain.Gradually, people invented the method of pipeline transportation.

The transportation volume of pipeline transportation is large. Most of the pipeline is buried in the ground, which covers less land and is less constrained by terrain and objects, thus shortening the transportation distance.Sealed transportation, safe and reliable, long-term continuous and stable operation;Easy to manage, easy to realize remote centralized monitoring.

As a result, a large number of pipeline laying work was carried out in various countries, and thus the related companies specializing in pipeline laying work were also derived.We are specialized in providing pipeline construction equipment company.

Pipeline construction process

Surveying and setting out→and cleaning the construction work belt;To construct the construction road→to transport the anticorrosive pipe→to process the groove→to redistribute the pipe→to prepare the pipe mouth;Pipeline fitting-up→pipe fitting-up and welding→welding joint inspection→heat shrinkable sleeve (tape) bushing→trench excavation→pipeline trench→pipe fitting-up;Pipeline welding→welding joint inspection →cleaning and pressure test→pipe trench backfilling→geomorphologic restoration.

Equipment needed in the process:

1. Transport the anticorrosive pipe

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2. Pipeline fitting-up

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3. Pipe fitting-up and welding

18  19


4. heat shrinkable sleeve (tape) bushing

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