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Solution of Steel Structure Production Line

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Manufacturing step:1.Laying-off;2.Fitting-up;3.Welding;4.Correcting;5.Paint spraying;6.Packing

I.Laying-off process

Laying-off is the processing of steel plates or sections into the parts or components required by the drawings.

1.    Steel plate laying-off: first is to find 90 degrees, and then draw the cutting range with a tape measure and powder line (according to the thickness of the plate plus cutting allowance), if you need to drill holes for drilling, if you need to open groove groove processing.

2.    Section laying-off: first find 90 degrees with seat ruler or bend ruler, and then cut the line with seat ruler or bend ruler (also add cutting allowance),if you need to drill holes for drilling, if you need to open groove groove processing.

3.    Splicing of remaining materials:Plate splicing and section splicing.

Laying-off equipment: CNC cutting machine, CNC drilling machine, plate shearing machine, edge milling machine, 5/2 axis CNC flame or plasma cutting and profile machine.

II.Fitting-up process

Fitting-up is a group of parts or components assembled into required components according to the requirements of the drawing.

1.    Fitting up of parts:Group of H-bean、group of Steel bracket、group of foot stall and etc.

2.    Group pairs of components:Pillar system(column to column support)、Crane beam system (crane beam brake plate auxiliary truss for horizontal bracing)、Roof system (joists, roof beams, supports, purlins, skylights, gutters)、Wall skin system (wall skin column, wind column, support, purlin, brace).

Fitting-up equipment:H-beam forming machine.

III.Welding process

Welding is the fusion of parts or components by metal together to form a component or structure.

Welding method: submerged arc welding, gas shielded welding.

Welding equipment: H - beam welding machine, gantry welding machine.

IV.Calibration process

Correction is to correct the deformation of parts to meet the requirements.

Calibration method: mechanical calibration;Hydraulic correction.

Calibration equipment: hydraulic calibration machine;Mechanical corrector.

V.The coating process

After component base is handled, coating is the step of spray paint and coating, it has protective effect to steel structure.

1.    Temperature and humidity control of coating;

2.    Film thickness control;

Coating equipment: high-pressure spraying machine, spraying room.

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