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H beam Assembling and Welding and Straightening Machine for Steel Structure Production Line

Min order:1
Material:Stainless steel

H Beam Welding Assembling Straightening Machine

I. Vertical Assembly Machine for H-beam

The vertical assembly machine which the flange,web fastening and calibrating,positioning,and auto spot welding equipped,all of which accept the Japanese Mitsubishi programmable controller and the AC frequency converter so as to increase the productivity one times above comparing with common products,with the features of stable and reliable working state and the welding gun is equipped by the arc-tracing device to ensure the quality of spot welding.

h beam welding machine

Size of the web Height 200~1500/1800/2000mm
Thickness 6~32mm
Length 4000~15000mm
Size of the flange Width 200~800mm
Thickness 6~40mm
Length 4000~15000mm
Assembling speed 0.5~6m/min
Power overall 9.5kw(two welding machines are excluded)

h beam welding machine

II. Heavy-duty Vertical Assembly Machine for H-beam

h beam welding machine

Product Parameter

Workpiece specification
Web plate Height 200~3000 mm
Thickness 6~70 mm
Lenght 4~15m
Flange plate Width 200~1000 mm
Thickness 6~80 mm
Lenght 4~15m
Assembling speed 0.65-6.5 m/min
Machine power
Single machine 11 KW (exclude welder)
Match with heavy duty 16.5 kW (exclude welder)

Product Major Component

Single machine is composed of main machine, drag bar box, input roller conveyor, output roller conveyor,electrical control box,operation box,hydraulic pump. The assembling machine match with heavy duty H beam production line,that should add one group of 90° over turning machinhe except assembling machine.

h beam welding machine
h beam welding machine

Product Performance

1.Heavy assembling machine keep the function of light duty one that can auto centering and holding,to make the operation more convenient.

2.The auto centering mechanism of heavy duty assembling machine adopt hydraulic motor driving and gear transmission, to solve the shortages of light duty one oil cylinder stroke is limit and chain easy to be lengthen. Improving the running reliability of machine.

3.Heavy duty assembling mnachine can process much bigger size H beam according to customer's requirement.

III. Star Beam Assembly Machine

Star beam assembling machine is a special machine which assembles welded H beam and T beam to be star beam. It adopts frequency speed adjust mode to control assembling speed,through hydraulic system(hydraulic station,hydraulic motor,hydraulic oil cylinder)to positioning and clamping workpiece. It also adopts encoder and digital display meter to inspect and set up positioning size, and does spot welding with manual welding mode.

h beam welding machine

Product Parameter

Web plate Height 200~1000mm
Thickness 12~60mm
Flange plate Width 200~800mm
Thickness 12~70mm
Assembling speed 0.5~6m/min
Machine power 20.7kw

h beam welding machine

IV. H Beam Assembling,Welding and Straightening Integral Machine

h beam welding machine

H-beam combination workstation is a special machine for H beam assembling,welding and straightening,it is combines the three processes into one machine,thus improves productivity,reduce cost,and saves the installation space.It can produce H beam and T beam with high efficiency.

Performance and Characteristic

1, The main assembling machine adopts heavy duty assembling structure which has applied invention patent, web plate and flange plate centering and positioning automatically, to make the assembling precision and efficiency greatly improved.
2, Firm welding torch fix mechanism is set up separately, it not only can adjust height and horizontal moving position, also can adjust the angle of welding torch on two directions, it guarantees the nice seam form.
3, Assistant straightening machine has special designed structure,the two straightening rollers can straighten workpiece automatically under the pushing of oil cylinder, straightening mechanism will not block the line of sight on seam,it is convenient to see the adjustment of welding torch and seam quality.
4,  Assembling machine and assistant straightening machine can be discharged and work separately.

5, Assistant straightening machine can work as small straightening machine after refit.h beam welding machine

Product Parameter

Web plate  Height
200~1500 mm
6~14 mm
Flange plate  Width
200~800 mm
Thickness 6~20 mm
Straightening speed 0.35~3 mm/min
Main machine power
17.5 kw


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