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whole movable type pipe spool fabrication solution for stainless steel gas plant

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Product Description

 In order to give full play to the advantages of pipeline prefabrication equipment and overcome the limitations of fixed pipeline prefabrication line, we have developed a movable pipeline prefabrication line, which has been applied and popularized in a large number of customers such as Petrochina,Sinopec, and China national chemical corporation.
  The movable pipe fabrication production line is composed of a work station for piping beveling,a work station for piping mechanical assembling,a work station for automatic piping welding,a quick-detachable steel structure station frame,a trolley railing system and a light-rail transportation system.Pipe fabrication is carried out by means of pipe fabrication fields.

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Product parameter

The general performance of the movable pipe fabrication production line will reach a high level in China.
1. The most advanced software of “pipe fabrication design system”in China has been adopted in detailed design so as to realize quick drawing of piping single-line diagrams and pipe spool diagrams.After the IDF interface module has been configured.PDS and PDMS design data from the design institute can be directly shared and therefore “seamless joint” has been achieved between design nd construction.
2. The first-rank software “pipe fabrication&installation management system”in China has been adopted in fabrication management to achieve all-around information management in the whole process of fabrication.
3. A reliable movable work station for piping beveling has been adopted in beveling,where two modes are used for pipe beveling.
4. A roller-bed-type pipe plasma cutting and beveling machine has been used to cut pipe and shape bevels in one step by means of hot cutting and processing.
5. A highly-efficient pipe cutting band saw machine and a fixed radial pipe end beveling machine have been adopted to cut pipes and mechanically process bevels as per working procedure.
6. A movable work station for piping mechanical fitting up,which is unique in China,has been used for welds assembling to carry out fitting out of pipe spool welds in a mechanical manner.
7. The advanced movable work station for automatic pipe welding has been adopted in cap welding.Pipe fabrication automatic welding machines are used to realized highly-efficient automatic cap welding of pipe spool.
8. A light-rail transportation system,a station frame and a trolley railing system have been adopted for logistics transportation.The light-rail transportation system is applied to mechanically carry out logistics transportation in a long distance.The station frame is applied to carry out logistics transportation between stations in a short distance.The trolley railing system is applied to carry out logistics transportation inside and outside containers.
9. The production capacity of this pipe fabrication production line works is reaching 3 thousands inch/year,the capacity of one day is reaching 1000 inch/day,satisfy a large project demand for prefabricated process piping.

Production capacity36 thousands diameter-inch/year
Pipe diameter applicableDN50-600
Pipe length applicable0-12m
Pipe weight applicable0-12T
Bevel shapeU,V and double V
Beveling speed≦5min(DN200 SCH40)
Conveying speed2-20m/min
Automatic welding rate≧60%
Fabrication ratio50%-80%
Design softwarePDSOFT PSFMS
Management softwarePDSOFT PSFMS

Company profile

Wincoo Engineering Co., Ltd (WINCOO) is engaged in bringing the most suitable solutions/equipments for client, fabricators, EPC/C companies on pipe fabrication, tank construction, pipeline construction,industrial production lines, clean energy project and other industrial field.

Our Services & Strength

 We have ability of providing workable solutions to support clients to be awarded with shorter project execution time, fewer man-hour cost and higher efficiency construction/fabrication method and better quality during phase of project bidding.
 Based client’s facility/site space availability, we are able to study/design and present matched configurations on project schedule, quality, cost and productivity to guarantee production pace is accordance with project requirement.
 To support project execution, we are always ready to work as fireman to give prompt supply on project materials from different consumables, tools, equipments/machines to special merchandise. With flexibility, we are also glad to perform as procurement agent in China to seek required supply resources.


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