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Single side Automatic Submerged Arc Horizontal Welder

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We offers the Automatic Submerged Arc Horizontal Welder for tank fabrication applications. Unlike current girth welder on the market, the MSHW(AGW)series are with a Dual Drive System. This self-propelled submerged arc welding system can reduce field storage tank welding time as high as 25%. Weld defects are greatly reduced, saving tank erection costs. The Horizontal Welder is applicable for top-to-bottom or bottom-to-top construction single or double wall storage tanks for inside and outside welding. There are four standard units, however our design allows us to offer custom built units for non-standard applications

  • Major Component

Major Component

A. Master Frame

  • Master frame of the girth welder is constructed of structural steel and square tube members.

  • Erection Method: Bottom-to-Top

  • Min Diameter: Φ5.0m

  • Shell Width: TOP-to-bottom 1.5-3.2m

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B. Dual Motor Drive

  • The dual AC motor design allows for constant travel across the entire tank circumference. When fit up is not quite perfect or there is an uneven surface for the machine to travel, the dual motors will power the machine across the imperfection. This design will reduce the amount of time required to repair weld defects and will decrease the overall tank erection costs. The dual motors are controlled by one easily

  • Programmable frequency inverter.


C.  Power Source and Wire Feeder

  • The welding equipment supplied is the Lincoln NA-3S control and weld head fitted with nozzle and wire rolls. Wire reel(27.2kg)will be supplied with equipment too.

  • Power source : DC600

  • NA-3S Welding Progress Control

  • NA-3S Wire Feeder



The AGW console houses the electrical travel inverter drive and associated control replays it provides a mean of integrated control of all the accessories of the girth welder (e.g. flux vacuum, 220V single phase aux outlet, lamp, flux winch and so on). The console includes all necessary control knobs and switches such as the speed control potentiometer, direction switch, full speed travel switch as well as emergency stop button.


E. Flux Recovery System

Flux hopper capacity : 80kg      &       Rotating flux dam


Flux Lifting Winch

  • Capacity: 160kg

  • Max lifting height: 30m

  • Lifting Speed: 15m/min


F. Cable Assemblies

  • Welding Cable  :  120mm2×60m

  • Control Cable   :  10p×2.5mm2×60m

  • Power Cable    :  3p×4mm2×60m

  • Ground Cable   :  120mm2×5m


G. Electric Cabinet

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