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Flexible Track and Straight Track Simple Tank Welding Machine for Tank Construction Machinery

A simple, inexpensive and easy to use straight or flexible rail welder for tank welding.


Simple Tank Girth and Vertical Welding Machine

A simple, inexpensive and easy to use straight or flexible rail welder for tank welding.

Simple tank welding machine

Simple tank welding machine

Technical Parameter for Simple Tank Welding Machine




Straight rail type

Flexible rail type

External power source

AC 220V 50/60 Hz


Working power source

AC 20V

Use of each driver








Main engine

Track type

Linear motion guide

Self-aligning flexible slide rails

Drive mode

Gear drive

Sprocket drive

Welding speed



The thinnest adsorption plate thickness


Magnetically attractive metal

Welding gun adjustment range


Inching for up and   down


Inching for left   and right

+ 60°

Swinging angle

+ 25°

Marching Angle

Stop left, stop right

Swinging form

Operating function


Swinging speed


Left and right residence time


Swinging width


Center for compensation

Welding Procedure for Simple Tank Welding Machine

Straight rails track:

Simple tank welding machine

Step 1.

Use 6 M4X12 hexagon socket screw to install 3 sets of magnet seats on the track. Note that the magnet handle is in the rack direction. The track is assembled. Another set of tracks can be overlapped on the end connecting plate and used indefinitely.

Simple tank welding machine

Step 2.

Install the welding robot host on a track from one end of the track, pay attention to the walking clutch in the open position. The clutch is in the closed position when used.

Flexible rails track:

Simple tank welding machine

Step 1.

Mount 3 sets of magnets to 3 magnet positions in the middle of the track using 12 M6X16 flat head bolts. Tighten.

Simple tank welding machine

Step 2.

Release the track clutch, install the welding robot on the track, close the clutch, and the host can slide on the track. Release or close the walking clutch, the main engine can run normally when in use.

Simple tank welding machine

Step 3.

Install the pressing plate, ultra-thin flat pad and soft rail on the magnet aluminum block with 3 M6X16 flat bolts in turn, tighten and assemble the track. Another set of track ends can be inserted under the platenfor infinite circulation.

Simple tank welding machine

Step 4.

Adjust the external auxiliary to a reasonable height, the external auxiliary has been sliding on the welding gun to support during welding, can effectively prevent the welding gun high and low or shake.

Main Features for Simple Tank Welding Machine

1, The machine is integrated design, easy to use, while reducing all kinds of messy external control lines, effectively prevent damage to the line and control, make the working environment more concise.

2, The lengthened magnetic seat on the track reduces the weight and number of switches with the same suction force, making it easy to install even for a woman.

3, The design of the special connecting plate for the track end is noteworthy. The bolt is used in the forward direction, which can connect two or more tracks into a longer whole. Bolt reverse use, can make the track fast, accurate lap, so that the length of infinite cycle.

4, Machine drive and control all adopt AC 20V voltage, more safe.

5, The professional welding gun used by this machine can be adapted to different welding gun joints, no matter you are using other welding machine, can be used perfectly.

6, The machine comes with toolbox is our company's original creation. The tool box is easy to use and durable. Some necessary small tools are stored in the tool box, which can reduce the time for users to search for tools and improve work efficiency. It is equipped with: fuse, welding gun conductive nozzle, all kinds of inner square Angle wrench, box ruler, notepad, pen, etc. When a perfect weld is adjusted, the weld parameters, the voltage and current of the welding machine and various parameters on the control panel of the machine are recorded. When the same weld is encountered next time, input parameters and perfect copy of the weld.

7, Flexible and convenient to use, non-welder can weld a perfect weld, one person can operate more than one machine at the same time, greatly reduce labor costs, improve the quality of weld, improve work efficiency

Construction Site Photos

Simple tank welding machine

Simple tank welding machine

Simple tank welding machine

Simple tank welding machine

What we can bring to you?

1, Support you to win the project during bidding phase. We can provide your more suitable configurations to help you shorten the constrcution time.
2, We can provide all technical documents and advices to support you for construction procedure clearifications
3, We can support you to calculate the roughly construction time based one welding efficiency, the calculation of manpower needed, welding consumbles quantity
4, We can provide your suitable welding consumbles with much more competetive price from our long time business partner if you need.
5, We can provide site people training service, and operation service or manpower service or as a subcontractor.


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