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What are the performance characteristics of the pipe spool fabrication line?

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What are the performance characteristics of the pipe spool fabrication line?

Pipe spool fabrication line is a workstation for pipe beveling, a workstation for pipe mechanical assembly, and a workstation for automatic pipe welding. In addition, the pipe spool fabrication line is also used for the steel structure workstation frame that can be quickly disassembled, and the trolley railing system and light rail constitute the transportation system.


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About the production performance of the pipe spool fabrication line.

Product description of pipe spool fabrication line.

About the advantages of pipe spool fabrication line production performance.


About the production performance of the pipe spool fabrication line.


① EPCBM-24Ab

② 32Ab

③ 48Ab

④ 60 Ab

Performance characteristics:

① Online performance: good (according to the online equipment design of the production line)

② Beveling speed: ≤ 2MIN/pipe slope (DN200 SCH40)

③ Bevel cutting: Cut and cut a pipe bevel at the same time. ,

④ Slope quality: good


Product description of pipe spool fabrication line.

Pipe spool fabrication line is carried out through the field of pipe manufacturing. In order to give full play to the advantages of pipeline prefabrication equipment and overcome the limitations of fixed pipe spool fabrication lines, WINCOO has developed a movable pipe spool fabrication line, which has been used in China National Petroleum Corporation, Sinopec, and China National Chemical Corporation.


The comprehensive performance of Pipe spool fabrication line will reach a high level in China:

1. In the detailed design, China's most advanced "Pipe Manufacturing Design System" software is used to realize the rapid drawing of the pipe spool fabrication line. After the IDF interface module is configured, the design data of the PDS and PDMS design institutes can be directly shared, so a "seamless combination" is realized between design and construction.

2. In the manufacturing management, the domestic first-class "pipe manufacturing and installation management system" software is used to realize all-round information management of the entire pipe spool fabrication line manufacturing process.

3. Pipe spool fabrication line groove adopts a reliable pipeline groove mobile workbench, two of which are used for pipe groove.

4. Roller bed type pipe plasma cutting and beveling machines have been used to cut pipes and form bevels in one step through thermal cutting and processing.

5. An efficient pipe cutting band saw machine and a fixed radial pipe end beveling machine are used to cut the pipe and machine the bevel according to the working procedure.

6. The unique mobile workstation for pipe mechanical assembly in China has been used for weld assembly to mechanically assemble pipe shaft welds.

7. Cover pipe welding adopts advanced automatic pipe welding movable workstation, pipe spool fabrication line automatic welding machine is used to realize efficient automatic cover pipe welding of pipe shaft.

8. The logistics transportation adopts the light rail transportation system, the station frame and the trolley railing system. The light rail transportation system is used for long-distance mechanical logistics transportation, and the station frame is used for transportation. The overhead railing system is used for container internal and external logistics transportation.

9. The pipe spool fabrication line project has a production capacity of 3000 inches/year and a day's production capacity of 1000 inches/day, which meets the huge engineering demand for prefabricated pipelines.


About the advantages of pipe spool fabrication line production performance.

l In a controlled environment, the work quality of the pipe spool fabrication line is easier to manage and maintain, and the high precision of the specified tolerance can avoid on-site rework.

l The weather-resistant pipe spool fabrication line manufacturing will minimize production delays.

l The pipe spool fabrication line is the perfect answer to severe technical and labor shortages. Users do not need to mobilize a large amount of labor on site to manufacture spools.

l Compared with on-site manufacturing, manufacturing in mass production will reduce manufacturing costs.

l The pipe spool fabrication line will reduce manufacturing/assembly time, thereby avoiding time and cost overruns.

l The pipe spool fabrication line does not require or almost does not require users to invest in manufacturing and testing equipment. Radiography, PMI, MPI, ultrasonic testing, water pressure testing, etc. can be performed better and more effectively in a controlled environment.

l The pipe spool fabrication line will be repaired under the strict supervision of a third-party inspection agency to ensure 100% compliance with the required quality standards.

l Better control of welding parameters in a controlled environment can reduce the possibility of on-site rework.

l Reducing welding elbows (subject to the customer's permission) will completely avoid the use of SR elbows to weld pipe sections, thereby saving a lot of costs in terms of welding, welding joint radiographs and material requirements.

l The dependence on power availability is small, avoiding unnecessary time delays.

l Improved safety under better manufacturing conditions than on-site.

l Off-site manufacturing of spools means less slag, abrasive dust, smoke and other contaminants, which is unacceptable in highly hygienic food processing and other industries.

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