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Band Saw Cutting Machine for Pipe spool Fabrication

Product Description


1.pipe cutting band saw machine be widely used in projects with a majority of heavy wall thickness & standard wall thickness pipes. 

2.High Speed Pipe Cutting Band Saw Machine; Pipe Cutting Sawing Machine.

3.Model: PCBSM-48A; PCBSM-32A; PCBSM-24A; PCBSM-16A.

4.Performance features:Pipe Cutting Machine, Pipe Band Saw Machine, Pipe Cutting Band Saw Machine, Band Saw Machine,  Sawing Machine.
5.On-line Performance: good (designed as per the one line equipment of the production line).
6.Cutting Speed: ≤2Min /pipe cut (DN200 SCH40).
7.High efficient automatic pipe cutting with automatic self length measuring system.
8.Cutting quality: very good without length tolerance & Unlimited of pipe materials.
9.Application: be widely used in projects with a majority of heavy wall thickness & standard wall thickness pipes, especially for heavy wall thickness stainless steel pipe, duplex stainless steep pipe, alloy steel pipe & other non ferrous steel pipe and difficult to machining pipe materials with heavy wall thickness. 

Technical parameters:

1.Structure: horizontal and with two posts

2.Pipe diameter applicable:DN400-1200 ( φ 426-1219);DN200-800( φ 219-813);DN50~600(φ60~610); DN50~400 (φ60~426)

3.Materials applicable: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and cryogenic steel

4.Feeding speed: stepless speed adjustment

5.Speed of the band saw:  17-85m/min; 27, 52 or 78 m/min18, 42 or 68 m/min

6.Size of the band saw: 10800*67*1.6; 8880*67*1.6; 6700X*41*1.3; 4570X*34*1.1

7.Clamping mode: Both sides centering clamping automatically by hydraulic cylinder.

8.Band saw tension: tensioning & loosen automatically by hydraulic cylinder

9.Cooling system: Built in coolant pump

10.Length-measuring system: a mechanical Length-measuring system could be provided so as to automatically measure the length of the pipes as well as cut them with the supporting of the band saw conveying system.

11.Conveying system: roller conveying systems for band saw cutting machine driven by motor are equipped if necessary to realized pipe feeding in & feeding out automatically.


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