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Hot Sale Gantry Type Plasma and Flame Welding Machine for H Beam Production Line

H-beam combination workstation is used for H-beam or T-beam assembly, welding and straightening. It centralize the assembly, welding and straightening functions on one machine which saves space and economize workshop.Reduce workflows: shorten the production time and improve the efficiency.
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Gantry Type Steel Structure Welding Machine

H-beam Gantry type welding machine is the appropriative equipment for the H-beam steel production, mainly used for H beam assembling and welding. It centralizes the function of the assembling machine and welding machine on one combination machine. It can save the time during work piece transport and space of the workplace, and also can improve the annual output of unit-area.

Gantry Type H Beam Welding Machine

Product Working Principle

1, Two H-beams are placed on the workpiece rack measured in the guide rail in a 45 degree boat welded position;

2, The gantry frame walks on the guide rail at the adjusted welding speed;

3, Two submerged arc welds were welded at the same time;

4, Adopt arc guide frame to track weld automatically;

5, Automatic flux transfer and recovery system is adopted.

Product Parameter

Suitable flange width 200-800mm
Suitable web height 200-2000mm(Customized work-piece supporting rack can be designed according to customer's requirements,so as to increase the suitable web height.)
Rail length 15000(24KG rail,press board and corresponding accessories are prepared by user)
Work-piece length 2000-15000mm
Gantry moving speed 240-2400mm/min(according to the welding fillet height,choose the welding wire diameter and suitable welding technology,and confirm the welding speed)
Fast moving speed 3m/min
Welding position Fillet welding in the down hand
SAW welding system American Lincoln DC-1000,NA-3S
Welding direction Go and back directions(no need to return)
Suitable wire size 3.2-5mm(Diameter)
Wire spool rack 50-250kg
Flux recovery machine 50kg*2
Trolley span 1600mm

Product Major Component

Control box

Control Box

The gantry walking is controlled by frequency conversion speed regulation, which can conveniently adjust the welding speed according to the needs of welding process.

Gantry Type H Beam Welding Machine

The gantry type welding machine can be welding back and forth, improve work efficiency.

Gantry Type H Beam Welding Machine

A welding seam tracking device is installed below the welding arm, which can automatically track the weld, keep the welding gun and weld at a proper distance, and automatically compensate for the deformation and placement of the section steel.

Gantry Type H Beam Welding Machine

Can be used for double arc and double wire welding, AC-DC welding synchronously, one welding can form two welds, so that the weld is more stable.

Product Welding Process

Gantry Type H Beam Welding Machine


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