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Automatic CNC Gouge And Grinding Machine for High Alloy Steel Boiler

The machine consists of CNC cross manipulator, multifunctional powerful grinding abrasive wheel and belt head, dust removal system,electronic system and pneumatic control system.

Product Description

CNC Gouge and Grinding Machine
Circumferential and Longitudinal Seam Gouge and Grinding Machine

    The machine consists of CNC cross manipulator, multifunctional powerful grinding abrasive wheel and belt head, dust removal system,electronic system and pneumatic control system.
* Carbon steel , Stainless steel circumferential seam gouge, grinding and polishing.
* Vessel internal stainless steel cladding welding layer grinding and polishing
* Vessels internal and external circumferential, longitudinal seam, weld reinforcement part grinding and polishing. Use before vessel fitting-up.
* V bevel type vessel.

Product parameter

Workpiece   Diameter ranges


Minimum Diameter   required while with Dust removal system

≥φ1400mm(Internal   longitudinal welding reinforcement part grind required minimum Diameter   ≥φ2400mm,If less than φ2400mm, needs to notice before manufacturing)

Maximum   workpiece/vessel thickness

δ≤230 mm

Single section of   vessel maximum length

L≤4500 mm

Workpiece   materials


Width of welding   seam

≤90 mm

Surface roughness


Machine working   environment


Three phase AC   380±10%,50HZ±2%



Maximum humidity


* It consists of base hold, level adjustment unit, column, rotating device, power driving system, Mechanical locking mechanism,cross slider/carriage, beam and related moving system. Rotating device between Base hold and column is driving by electricity.
* Cross slider utilize reducer and Ball screw drive to control up and down. Beam front and back moving is driven by reducer motor and gear rack.
* Column and beam guide rails are the oversea imported heavy load straight guide. Beam both ends can be equipped with multifunctional and powerful abrasive wheel and belt,dust removal system while it is also considered to leave other grinding &gouge head interfaces.
* There is lift lugs beside column end which is a fixed type. Overhead head crane can lift without steel wire.
* Cross sliders are installed with dust protection unit.
* Staircases are provided on column for maintenance.
* The deflection can be removed by grinding & gouge head constant pressure relocation mechanism.

Company profile

Wincoo Engineering Co., Ltd (WINCOO) is engaged in bringing the most suitable solutions/equipments for client, fabricators, EPC/C companies on pipe fabrication, tank construction, pipeline construction,industrial production lines, clean energy project and other industrial field.

Our Services & Strength

 We have ability of providing workable solutions to support clients to be awarded with shorter project execution time, fewer man-hour cost and higher efficiency construction/fabrication method and better quality during phase of project bidding.
   Based client’s facility/site space availability, we are able to study/design and present matched configurations on project schedule, quality, cost and productivity to guarantee production pace is accordance with project requirement.
   To support project execution, we are always ready to work as fireman to give prompt supply on project materials from different consumables, tools, equipments/machines to special merchandise. With flexibility, we are also glad to perform as procurement agent in China to seek required supply resources.

Some question

1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A, Yes we are the trading company,but we have a lot of factories that have cooperative relationships, and we can get the best plan and price for you.

2.Q:Does the machine have CE certificate?
A:Yes, others certifications also can be sent

3.Q:What's the shipping method?
A: International express and sea transportation,Depend on customer.

4.Q:Can I use my own forwarder to transport the products for me?
A:Yes, if you have your own forwarder in China, you can let your forwarder ship the products for you.

5.Q:What's the Payment method?
A:T/T,L/C and other payment method, Depend on customer.

6.Q: What is our payment term?
A:We can accept the payment by T/T and Trade assueance .

7.Q: Can you send me the video to show how the machine works?
A: Certainly, we have made video of every machine.

8.Q: How can I know your machine works well?
A: Before delivery, we shall test the machine working condition for you.And we warmly welcome you to China for inspection.

9.Q:How to Place an order?
A:Please kinldy send us your order by email,we will confirm the PI with you .we wish to know the below:your details
address,phone/fax number,destination,transportation way ;
Product informaiton:item number,size,quantity,logo,etc


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