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What is the solution for pipeline construction equipment?

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In order to ensure the safe daily operation of equipment, the welding construction of pipeline construction equipment must be strictly controlled to reduce the probability of problems. However, the power plant will inevitably encounter some problems during operation, and these problems are often caused by operational defects in the welding construction during the installation of pipeline construction equipment. There are also many factors that lead to operational defects in welding construction, such as inadequate installation technology, overtime or insufficient supervision.


Here is the content list:

l Attention and prevention points in welding construction of pipeline construction equipment.

l Factors that cause problems during pipeline construction equipment construction.

l Dealing with welding quality problems of pipeline construction equipment.


Attention and prevention points in welding construction of pipeline construction equipment.

Inadequate operation during welding of pipeline construction equipment will leave hidden dangers to engineering safety. When conducting inspection and acceptance of metal welds, relevant technicians need to be careful, careful, and concentrate on studying and judging, and feedback and solve problems as soon as possible . The existing places where the safety quality does not meet the standards should be immediately compensated to ensure that the unit can continue to operate safely and maintain the original economic costs.


When performing welding operations on pipeline construction equipment, technicians must take professional welding measures. In addition, they must also control the quality of plumbing counterparts. In particular, the quality of joints and arc closing must be strictly controlled by technicians.


Therefore, the weld must not be welded in one layer, but two or more layers must be welded, and the inter-level joints must be staggered by more than 10 mm. In order to be able to deal with the weld bead oxidation site, the internal argon must be in place when the stainless steel pipe is welded. At the same time, technicians must strictly control the temperature between layers, and use water cooling for welding if necessary.


Factors that cause problems during pipeline construction equipment construction.

At the same time, it is necessary to find out which environmental factors will affect the welding work of pipeline construction equipment, especially some special welding methods and welding materials have certain requirements on the environment. For example, alkaline electrodes should be in an environment without water, rust and oil, while argon arc welding should be in an environment without wind, water, rust and oil.


According to the welding conditions of different pipeline construction equipment, corresponding protective measures should be taken to ensure welding. stable quality. The welding of pipeline construction equipment usually involves the connection between the weldment and the counterpart, and the quality of the connection will directly affect the quality of the welding.


In order to clarify their responsibilities, the technicians of pipeline construction equipment must inspect and accept the corresponding weldments before starting welding. For peers with unqualified quality, welding technicians can choose to refuse welding.


Violations of regulations must be dealt with seriously. In addition, during spot welding, due to the unstable welding equipment, corresponding stresses will be generated under normal conditions and defects are likely to occur. It is the weakest place in the entire welded joint. We must let welders with relevant qualifications perform spot welding operations.


Dealing with welding quality problems of pipeline construction equipment.

There are always problems of this kind during pipeline construction equipment construction, leading to continuous occurrence of welding quality problems. Once there is a quality problem, we can start from these aspects: First, we must investigate and analyze the cause of the problem. In addition to investigating the person directly responsible for the problem, we must also find out the related reasons.


For example, the management of the construction site is not in place or scientific, and the management personnel are negligent. They should not be deceived by the surface phenomenon of the problem, but should be investigated in depth. When penalties are carried out after the investigation, in addition to punishing the relevant responsible persons, it is also necessary to formulate rewards for those who find problems in advance.


The welding acceptance of pipeline construction equipment is the main link in the welding construction process to control the quality. During the inspection, different inspection methods and inspection ratios need to be adopted for different types of welds to meet the welding quality control requirements.


After the inspection, it is necessary to accurately feedback the specific situation with the relevant process at the first time, and find the cause of the welding quality problem in time, and give improvement measures and suggestions to ensure that the welding quality reaches the standard. The inspection work is usually easily restricted by the inspection environment and conditions.


Therefore, testing can only be carried out on finished products. Generally, there are two popular testing methods: destructive testing and non-destructive testing. In actual work, non-destructive testing is usually adopted, which is also the most common one. In non-destructive testing, air tightness testing and non-destructive testing are often used.


Finally, make a summary of the problem and propose rectification measures. The content of the measures must be implemented, and the time, progress, and person responsible for the rectification shall be clarified. Otherwise, the effect of the rectification will be poor. In short, in the pipeline construction equipment construction process, strictly implementing the welding process, controlling the quality of the counterpart, and reasonably requiring the construction period should be the main points of pipeline construction equipment control. At the same time, in the pipeline construction equipment process, set up the welding process witness point and do a good job in process monitoring.

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