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A Simple Tractor for Welding Storage Tank

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A Simple Tractor for Welding Storage Tank

Flexible and Straight Rails Track Tank Welding Tractor

In the past, specialized welding tank machines are expensive and bulky and inconvenient to transport. Today we are going to introduce another tractor for welding storage tanks.A simple, inexpensive and easy to use straight or flexible rail welder for tank welding.It has the following characteristics:

  • Product welding features

  • Product designed features

  • Product overall using features

Product welding features

1, Equipped with 5 kinds of welding handling techniques, perfect simulation of manual handling, uniform appearance of welding seam, faster and more stable.

2, Weld width 0-30mm wide range adjustment, can adapt to all kinds of thin plate, thick plate welding.

3, Weld width 0-30mm wide range adjustment, can adapt to all kinds of thin plate, thick plate welding.

4, The machine can realize all kinds of distance discontinuous welding, length and speed can be adjusted at will.

5, The machine can demonstrate welding trajectory without ignition, convenient and intuitive.

6, Control panel is full digital display, easy to adjust and record data, with memory function, automatic recovery of the last data when the next use.

7, Automatic stop after welding, limited stop contact is set in the two running directions of the machine, contact point is placed at the end of the weld in advance, automatic stop at the point to prevent over-welding.

Product designed features

1, The sliding track of the machine adopts the linear track specially used for advanced machine tools, which has zero clearance operation, smooth running, no stuck, no deformation, and higher integrity of the machine.

2, All directions of the machine are adjusted by high precision screw pitch, faster, more stable and more accurate.

3, All the parts are processed by advanced CNC machine tools, which greatly improve the accuracy and durability.

4, The whole high temperature spraying process + aluminum oxidation, so that the overall appearance of the machine to a higher level.

5, Equipped with special robot welding gun, welding quality is better and more stable.

Product overall using features

1, The machine is integrated design, easy to use, while reducing all kinds of messy external control lines, effectively prevent damage to the line and control, make the working environment more concise.

2, The lengthened magnetic seat on the track reduces the weight and number of switches with the same suction force, making it easy to install even for a woman.

3, The design of the special connecting plate for the track end is noteworthy. The bolt is used in the forward direction, which can connect two or more tracks into a longer whole. Bolt reverse use, can make the track fast, accurate lap, so that the length of infinite cycle.

4, Machine drive and control all adopt AC 20V voltage, more safe.

5, The professional welding gun used by this machine can be adapted to different welding gun joints, no matter you are using other welding machine, can be used perfectly.

6, The machine comes with toolbox is our company's original creation. The tool box is easy to use and durable. Some necessary small tools are stored in the tool box, which can reduce the time for users to search for tools and improve work efficiency. It is equipped with: fuse, welding gun conductive nozzle, all kinds of inner square Angle wrench, box ruler, notepad, pen, etc. When a perfect weld is adjusted, the weld parameters, the voltage and current of the welding machine and various parameters on the control panel of the machine are recorded. When the same weld is encountered next time, input parameters and perfect copy of the weld.

7, Flexible and convenient to use, non-welder can weld a perfect weld, one person can operate more than one machine at the same time, greatly reduce labor costs, improve the quality of weld, improve work efficiency.

WINCOO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD specializes in the production of a variety of tank welders, if you want to know more, welcome to enter our official website.

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