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Why do we need to use an orbital welding machine?

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With the development of high-speed and heavy-duty tracks, seamless tracks have become the best choice for high-speed and heavy-duty track structures due to their high reliability and stability. The orbital welding machine, one of the keys to seamless circuits, has an important influence on the development of seamless circuits.

  • What is the application of orbital welding machines?

  • How is the orbital welding machine used?

  • What are the features of the orbital welding machine?

What is the application of orbital welding machines?

At present, the development of railways is mainly towards high-speed passenger cars, subway passenger cars, light rail cars, high-speed heavy trucks, etc. To meet these requirements, it is necessary to adjust the weight of the trains. Nowadays, it is common practice to use aluminum alloy materials in the manufacturing process of passenger cars. Because aluminum alloy materials have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, smooth appearance, complex curved surfaces and high specific strength, they can effectively reduce the resistance and quality of passenger cars. Increased overload. In order to effectively improve the processing efficiency of aluminum alloy materials, it is necessary to change the traditional processing method and use the welding technology of orbital welding machine for processing and manufacturing.

How is the orbital welding machine used?

(1) Welded parts preparation: Given the high hardness of rail steel, it is difficult to process the groove on site. Therefore, the orbital welding machine adopts the docking method and uses the existing end surface of the rail as the working surface. If the end face is heavily corroded, the angle grinder must be used to polish the surface bare.

(2) Determination of the impact gap: Given the height of the rail itself, the gap must not be too small, otherwise the welding wire for welding work cannot penetrate it, so it is necessary to reserve enough gap.

(3) Welding preheating: In the preheating process of orbital welding machine, a gas welding torch is used for preheating, and an infrared temperature measuring gun is used to ensure that the preheating reaches the specified temperature.

(4) Shock surface process: The entire welding process adopts the multi-layer multi-pass welding process. Although this process is relatively inefficient, it can ensure the weld strength and temperature between the layers.

(5) Heat treatment after welding: The heating process of the orbital welding machine uses a gas welding torch. After heating to the specified temperature, asbestos felt is used for heat preservation to prevent the appearance of cracks after welding.

(6) Grinding the workpiece after welding: The orbital welding machine keeps the weld seam and the base metal of the rail smooth.

What are the features of the orbital welding machine?

The biggest feature of orbital welding machine is small-scale local heating, high heating efficiency, easy operation, which is very suitable for fast heating and cooling of high manganese steel welding, and also suitable for welding repairs of local defects on rails. It is currently the most widely used method for welding rails and track grooves. Methods. However, it must be noted that the orbital welding machine for rail welding must be properly preheated. Due to local heating and rapid cooling of the rail, slightly abnormal brittle structures such as martensite and bainite can be generated, which increases the brittleness of the rail. Preheating prevents abnormal tissue formation.

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