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What should a hydraulic jack be made of?

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Hydraulic jack is mainly used in the inverted construction of vertical cylindrical steel storage tank (hydraulic lifting method) in petrochemical industry, inverted construction of steel liner in power plant chimney and inverted construction of vertical cylindrical low temperature storage tank, etc. Today I will introduce our YT series hydraulic jack, and take the YT30 for example. I will introduce this product in the following aspect.

●The features of equipment

●The structure of equipment

●The overall structure of the equipment and its working principle

The features of equipment

1.The set of equipment is mainly composed of hydraulic lifting pump station, hydraulic cylinder, wire rope and so on, easy to install.

2.The equipment adopts PLC program to control the lifting centrally. Each lifting pump station is equipped with displacement sensor device, which is easy to operate and has high lifting synchronization accuracy.The equidistant distance can be adjusted arbitrarily.

3.The hydraulic lifting pump station can be divided into two modes: dynamic and centralized control. The hydraulic cylinder can be adjusted (fine-tuning) rising and falling individually or locally (several), and can be controlled centrally by multiple groups. The lifting height can be more accurately controlled, which is convenient for the butt adjustment of the welding seam of the tank wall.

4.Each hydraulic cylinder is equipped with safety valve, good self-locking,equipment will not be due to power failure in the process of operation;

5.The blasting and breaking of a high-pressure rubber hose.The failure of a hydraulic cylinder causes the tank or heavy weight to slide or fall, and the hydraulic lifting process is safe and reliable.

6.The stroke of hydraulic cylinder is 3200mm, which can meet the one-time lifting completion of the existing panel width and reduce the lifting time.

7.The overall base length of the equipment is only 2200mm, which can fully meet the automatic welding process of large storage tank inner ring seam.

The structure of equipment

Electrical control system: power supply part, control part (operating platform) and pump station control box.

Hydraulic jack Hydraulic jack Hydraulic jack Hydraulic jack
Centralized control Control panel Power supply Pump station control box

 Hydraulic jack

The equipment consists of five parts;It is composed of power supply part, control part, hydraulic station part and pipeline part

 ● The power supply part provides power supply for the control part, and the hydraulic station provides power supply.

● The control part provides control for hydraulic station and hydraulic jack

● Hydraulic station: it is composed of oil pump electric unit, hydraulic valve set, high-pressure ball valve, high-pressure rubber hose and oil tank to provide hydraulic energy for hydraulic jack.

● Hydraulic jack part: hydraulic cylinder, wire rope, such as equaling rod device, hydraulic cylinder roof device, hydraulic cylinder support rod, etc

● The fixed plate, wire rope lifting lug and pin for the hydraulic cylinder are made by the user.

Hydraulic jack

The overall structure of the equipment and its working principle

1.The overall structure of the equipment

1).The set of equipment is evenly placed around the lifting object, the overall force and lateral force of the equipment are strictly calculated and successfully applied.

2).Precise and compact structure, adjustable output force, lifting speed to meet lifting requirements, high synchronization accuracy.

2.Working principle of equipment

Force transfer process:

Output force of hydraulic cylinder → steel wire rope → rising ring (welded with lifting lug) → conduction plate → wall plate lifting  

Hydraulic jacking system is mainly used in large tank construction. WINCOO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is supplying tank hydraulic jacking system to tank contractors worldwide.

Consideration on behalf of client is our ethic and responsibility


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