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What is hydraulic jack used for?

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  At present, there are six construction methods of large storage tank construction: hydraulic jack, central column, floating, forward loading, mechanical jacking.Hydraulic jacking system is the most widely used one, which is characterized by wide adaptability and can theoretically be applied to any size tank;The operation control is simple, reliable and less threatening.So it is adopted by more and more people.Hydraulic jack is an important part of hydraulic jacking system.

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  • What are the product components of the hydraulic jack?

  • What are the characteristics and applications of hydraulic jack?

  • What are the construction steps of hydraulic jack?

What are the product components of the hydraulic jack?

One Module include

  • 1 set x Power Pump Station: Hydraulic power supply, motor power 4KW, rated flow is about 15l/min.

  • 5 sets x jacking cylinder: 25 tons rated (18 tons, 100%) (Including Hydraulic Jacking Device Components — Steel Cables, Support Device, Pull Rod, etc.)

  • 5 sets x oil hoses system:One tank construction needs one jacking control system. Each jacking control system includes:

  • 1 set x Electrical Controls and operating panels:

Each set includes:

  • 1 centralized PLC operation control box,

  • 1 power source cabinet(With the concentrated push-button and automatic PLC control system or single-set handle operated control.)

What are the characteristics and applications of hydraulic jack?

  • Application

1.The hydraulic jack are mainly used for vertical tank top to bottom construction;

2.Also it can be used for mega work piece jacking or lifting.

  • Features

1.The hydraulic jacking system consists of hydraulic pump station, cylinders, steel wire, and strokes. Easy to installation and operation;

2.The hydraulic jacking system utilizes PLC central control to handle lift. Each power pack is equipped with auxiliary balance device to guarantee the precision of simultaneously lifting;

3.Hydraulic jack pump station has subsidiary manual control and central control two operation models. The cylinder can be adjusted to lift separately or to lift with several others as one group, and multi groups can also be integrated to lift reach better precision and better welding effect;

4.All the cylinders are with safety valve. It can be automatically locked to avoid cylinder/ tank dropping even under situation of power off, high-pressure hose broken, burst;

5.The cylinder is with one high pressure hose to avoid oil leaking that usually happen by the traditional multiple hoses. Cylinder will return to initial condition by itself weight;

6.Stroke of Hydraulic cylinder is 1475mm, which can satisfy each annular shell with 2500 plate one-step lift. Greatly reduce the time waste;

7.Hydraulic cylinder basic height is 2050mm, which can match automatic girth welding machine to proceed internal girth seam welding;

8.Module configuration, the hydraulic jack quantity can be adjusted as per different size of tank and weight

9.High efficiency, each time lifting or falling down only needs around 15 minutes;

10.Can well cooperate with our tank welding machines, which can greatly reduce the manpower cost and reduce the construction time; Usually one Horizontal seam welding machine can match 6-10 skilled welder. Vertical seam welding machine can match around 20-30 people skilled welder and butt/fillet welding tractor can match 6-15 skilled welder.

What are the construction steps of hydraulic jack?

The following short description gives the working procedure in outline. It can in certain details be modified when required.

1.The tank bottom – plates are placed on the prepared foundation and welded together.

2.The beams or lattice work of the roof are assembled and finally joined to the upper rim of the shell ring.

3.The hydraulic jacking system is installed in the tank. The plates of the second shell ring (next to the top ring) are positioned outside the first one.

4.The completed part of the tank (roof and top shell ring) is lifted hydraulically to a height at which the plates of the second ring can be moved into place and the roof sheeting can be completed.

5.The plates of the second shell ring are located exactly and welded together to the lower edge of the first ring.

6.The plates of the third shell ring are placed outside the second shell ring.

7.The completed part of the tank (roof the two uppermost shell rings) is lifted.

8.The above cycle of operations is repeated until the last (bottom) shell ring is finished.

9.The entire tank is lowered down to the bottom plate and welded to this.

10.The lifting equipment is dismantled.

Hydraulic jack is mainly used in large tank construction. WINCOO ENGINEERING CO.,LTD is supplying tank hydraulic jack equipment to tank contractors worldwide.

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