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What is Simple Hydraulic Jacking System

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Hydraulic jacking equipment is a new and special lifting equipment powered by hydraulic oil. By pushing the reciprocating movement of the hydraulic cylinder piston, load conversion is carried out between the upper clamping mechanism connected with the upper end of the piston and the lower clamping mechanism connected with the lower part of the cylinder, so as to realize lifting.The hydraulic jacking equipment is a single-acting two-stage hydraulic cylinder, used for vertical take-off and landing work, return need external force or self-weight back.The equipment is compact, stable, easy to operate, adjustable load, fast installation, high synchronization accuracy.Today we are going to focus on the simple hydraulic jacking system.

I.Product features

1, simple operation, adjustable load, stable equipment lifting, good synchronization effect.
2, good compatibility, greatly saving customers' tooling costs.
3, can cross work with the inner ring automatic welding machine.

II.Product parameter

1,Pump station (YB-40)

Maximum pressure 25MPa
Power 11KW
Rated oil flow 40L/min
Motor rotate speed 1470r/min
Oil tank capacity 240L
System temperature 20-60ºC
Oil filter precision 20υm
Voltage Main power supply 220V, 3 phase)
System oil type L-HM46# antiwear hydraulic oil
Total weight 370Kg
Outsize(mm) 950*850*820

2,SQD-120-100S.F JACKS

Theory lifting capacity 123KN
Rated lift capacity 120KN
Rated oil pressure 18MPa
Hydraulic stroke 100±0.5mm
Glissade capacity ≤5mm
Weight ≤30Kg
Oil outlet M16*1.5
Installation size for jack base Settle 4-M16 on the circumference of a φ120 circle
Installation size for up and down chuck Settle 3 *16U hole on the circumference of a φ110 circle
Size(mm) 138*138*500
Suitable lifting rod φ32round steel(45#)
Chuck device Screw mechanism

3,Jack support (TSJ-120-2600L)

Total height 3460mm
Lifting rod height: 3900mm
Slider stroke 2630mm
Sliding block guide wheel quantity 4 pcs
Lifting rod diameter φ32mm
distance  between  expansion  loop  support  to  ground 310mm
Size(mm) 3900*300*300

III.Product pictures


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