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What are the advantages of pipe spool fabrication line?

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Pipe spool fabrication line is mainly suitable for industrial pipelines. It is widely used in food pipelines, beverage factories, wineries, natural gas, sewage treatment pipes, petroleum, ventilation pipes, construction, bridges, aviation and many other industries. It can be seen that pipe spool fabrication line has many irreplaceable advantages!


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What are the performance characteristics and advantages of pipe spool fabrication line?

What are the functional advantages of pipe spool fabrication line?

What are the outstanding advantages of the pipe spool fabrication line provided by WINCOO?


What are the performance characteristics and advantages of pipe spool fabrication line?

There are two methods for manufacturing pipe spool fabrication lines, one is "less welding" and the other is "welding". The raw materials of pipe spool fabrication line are pipes, pipe fittings, flanges and forgings. There are various demands such as carbon steel, stainless steel and alloy steel.


The solution of pipe spool fabrication line requires strict quality parameters, from raw materials to final welding quality and size. Usually the drawings are provided by the customer, which can be used for manufacturing or copied into suitable manufacturing drawings.

l Achieve 80% automated manufacturing rate

l Equipped with a short-tube lean manufacturing software management system to achieve a productivity of 0.25manhour/DI

l Reduce customer's manufacturing costs

l Guarantee customer's processing quality

l Enhance customer competitiveness


What are the functional advantages of pipe spool fabrication line?

Pipe spool fabrication line can save manufacturing, inspection and testing costs. It is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, winery, petroleum, food, automobile, paper, air-conditioning and other industries.


① By using prefabricated spools, it is easier to manage quality, accuracy and tolerances compared to on-site.

② The pipe spool fabrication line can minimize production delays.

③ By using the pipe spool fabrication line, the problem of insufficient manpower can be overcome to a certain extent.

④ The pipe spool fabrication line will reduce assembly time, thereby ensuring a reduction in project cost and time.

⑤ Users of pipe spool fabrication line have almost no investment in manufacturing and testing equipment.

⑥ Radiographic testing, PMI, MPI, ultrasonic testing, hydraulic testing, etc.

⑦ Manufacture and processing under the strict supervision of third-party inspectors.

⑧ The pipe spool fabrication line avoids on-site rework, avoids power dependence, time delay and ensures

⑨ Better security.


What are the outstanding advantages of the pipe spool fabrication line provided by WINCOO?

Any pipe spool fabrication line can allocate several efficient and reliable welding processes to ensure welding quality. Generally, WINCOO can provide customers with a variety of welding processes and related automatic and mechanical welding equipment.


l Using CNC equipment parts processing, high product precision

l The machine is sturdy and durable, with low maintenance probability

l Using Siemens motor, Pearl River reducer and other brand accessories, high performance;

l Fully automated, simple operation, continuous production, high efficiency;

l The pipe production speed is 15% faster than the peers, and the output is high;

l The production cost is low, the material waste is less, and the pipe yield rate can reach more than 98%;

l We have professional designers and planners to customize different solutions for each of our customers with different requirements, and help customers make more reasonable suggestions for production line layout and production management.

l Provide technical documents and technical support for mechanical installation, maintenance, operation, etc.

l Provide machinery-related transportation information, be responsible for cargo loading and handling transportation related procedures, and always pay attention to cargo safety and logistics information.

l In terms of after-sales service, we have 5 professional after-sales service teams, all of whom have more than 10 years of manufacturing and adjusting machines. They are responsible for the installation, commissioning and after-sales service of the domestic and foreign machines we sell. They can deal with problems in time and better Guarantee the normal production of customers.

l Provide product warranty for one year (within the scope of equipment warranty, man-made damage is not guaranteed, and vulnerable parts are not guaranteed); provide paid services after the warranty period.

l Provide our limited space for short-term storage of the company’s products ordered by customers, and mail transportation on behalf of them.

l With the aim of serving customers well, we always insist on serving our customers well and helping them achieve profit as soon as possible.


Especially on the basis of the project of "short construction period and heavy workload", WINCOO developed the "container pipe spool fabrication line and workstation".


In this original mode, "Cutting/Chamfering", "Assembling", and "Automatic Welding" are integrated into a separate container for easy transportation. Through the logistics system, each container is connected scientifically to improve efficiency, and can also meet the requirements of pipeline manufacturing and improve comprehensive competitiveness!

Consideration on behalf of client is our ethic and responsibility


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