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The machines that can help you finish the tank faster

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The machines that can help you finish the tank faster

In today's international environment, oil is used more and more frequently, and its price is also rising. More and more producers, middlemen or users are building tanks to store oil. In order to build the tanks more quickly, we inevitably need to replace labor with machinery, thus saving time and labor costs. Today we will introduce to you a few of our company specialized in building storage tank machinery.

●Automatic tank horizontal welding machine

●Tank vertical welding machine

●Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Tractor

●Hydraulic jacking system

Automatic tank horizontal welding machine

WINCOO offers the Automatic Girth Welder for tank fabrication applications. Unlike other girth welders on the market, WINCOO AGW comes standard with a Dual Drive System and other features unique to our machines. This self-propelled submerged arc welding system can reduce field storage tank welding time by 40% by increasing arc on time and reduce weld defects. The models run directly on the tank and carry the operator, eliminating the need for Scaffolding while ensuring operator comfort and safety. The girth welder, due to their modular design, are applicable for top down or bottom up constructed single or double wall storage tanks. our design allows us to offer custom-built units for special applications.

Min Tank Diameter


Plate Width


Plate Thickness


Construction Method

Top to Bottom& Bottom to Top

Welding Speed


Moving Speed


Tank vertical welding machine

Electro-gas welder(EGW) is designed to weld the vertical joints of atmospheric flat bottom storage tanks, it features high heat input to achieve maximum productivity while maintaining acceptable quality.EGW can be used to weld joints up to 1in.(25mm) thick in a single pass, and takes about 1.2hours to weld an 8ft(2438mm) vertical seam. Compared with the 5.3hours it takes to weld the same seam using conventional flux cored arc welding(FCAW) process, this represents a 400% improvement in productivity.

Min Tank Diameter


Plate Width


Plate Thickness


Welding Speed


Moving Speed


Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Tractor

The tractor are mobile units can be easily transported to any workstation and adapted to fillet seam and flat seam. The modular design of the tractor make it easier to extend the units with additional devices, i.e. flux supply unit and flux recovery unit. Suitable components can be combined in an optimum way for every welding process.

Welding Process




Plate Thickness

6mm and above

Plate Material

Carbon steel, Stainless Steel


Square groove, Single V groove, Double V groove, Lap joint

Dimension(L x W x H)

800mm x 500mm x 700mm

Gross Weight


Hydraulic jacking system

T Series Hydraulic Tank lifting device is a large-scale equipment specially designed for the national oil reserve project developed suitable steel giant silo tank inversion welding process engineering.

Uses: steel giant silo tank inversion process of welding engineering. It applies to steel tanks height ≤2.5 meters (special plates are negotiable).

1. vertical lift displacement of the overall structure, the overall building.

2. large span roof truss and flip construction of multi-storey buildings.

3. large objects vertical lifting, lifting.

Features: 1, This type of device is a two-stage single-acting hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic jacks) for VTOL work force or return required from back position, it can not use for horizontal work.

2, Structured compact device, Safe and stable, easy to operate, load adjustable, quick installation, high synchronization accuracy.

3, YT Series Hydraulic Tank lifting device is "dragged five" Oil supply: Each pump station connected to the hydraulic cylinder 5; thus avoiding excessive tubing traditional centralized oil brings,

4, Leakage points more than the disadvantages, to ensure that environmental pollution to a minimum.

The above is the welding machine and hydraulic jack for tank construction, of course, this is only a brief introduction, they also have more specific classification, you are welcome to visit our website to browse more product information.

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