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Main components of tank hydraulic jacking system and its working principle

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YT series hydraulic tank jacks is a set of large-scale equipment specially developed by our company for the national crude oil reserve project, which is suitable for the inversion welding engineering of giant steel cylinder tank.

This type of equipment is single-acting two-stage hydraulic cylinder (hydraulic jack), used for vertical take-off and landing work, return need external force or self-weight back, can’t be used for horizontal work.The equipment has strict and compact structure, safe and stable, easy operation, adjustable load, quick installation and high synchronization accuracy.

●The oil box

●The hydraulic system

●The hydraulic cylinder

The oil box

The oil tank is a closed type box with hydraulic oil to provide oil source for the equipment.

1.Liquid level meter shows the oil level and liquid temperature in the box.

2.The air filter has the function of protecting and purifying the gas of hydraulic oil.

3.The lifting lug is used for equipment lifting.

The hydraulic system

Hydraulic system is the power source of the whole hydraulic lifting equipment, first with the motor todrive the piston pump, and then the mechanical energy of the pump into pressure energy, through the pressure valve (relief valve), direction valve (solenoid valve), sent to the actuator (hydraulic cylinder), and finally converted into mechanical energy to drive the load.

1.Protective cover can be disassembled, it mainly protect all parts under the protective cover .

2.Electromagnetic directional valve through the electromagnet with electricity and no electricity to complete the lifting action of the hydraulic cylinder.

3.The relief valve can control the pressure of the system to maintain constant by adjusting the handle of the relief valve, and realize the function of regulating, stabilizing or limiting the pressure.The set of equipment relief valve setting range (0-31.5mpa). 

4.Pressure gauge shows the system pressure value.

5.The high-pressure ball valve makes the hydraulic oil flow or cut-off in the system. The valve mainly plays a safety protection role in this set of equipment.. It prevents the internal leakage of the hydraulic valve from affecting the operation of the hydraulic cylinder's descending equipment. Hydraulic fluid flow or cut-off is controlled by rotating high pressure ball valve handle.

The hydraulic cylinder

1.Hydraulic cylinder is the actuator, rated output force is 250kN.

2.The hydraulic cylinder roof device is the force fulcrum of the piston rod end of the hydraulic Cylinder. In the process of lifting the tank, to prevent the damage of the hydraulic cylinder caused by the bending of the piston rod, or even failure and safety accidents.

3.Adjust the jacking bolt to adjust the gap between the hydraulic cylinder bracket and the tank wall, and tighten the bracket in the process of lifting the tank.

4.The hydraulic cylinder support regulating rod can mainly meet the requirements of resistance to class 5 wind load and tank partial load during the tank lifting process. It can also assist in adjusting the gap between hydraulic cylinder bracket and tank wall when rising circle falls back.

5.The equipment adopts PLC equalization system with automatic and manual modes.And the man-machine control interface is set on the control cabinet.The displacement sensor transmits signals to adjust the equipment at the same height

6.The working principle of the displacement sensor: because the wire rope is wound on a pulley built into the  sensor, and the other end of the sensor has been connected to the mechanical movement, which is equipped with a display, so when the wire rope is pulled, the mechanical movement can be converted into electrical signals, so as to get the required data. 

7.Unidirectional explosion-proof valve is a safety valve that allows the hydraulic cylinder to self-lock.In the process of being lifted or in the process of hanging the tank, the tank will not slide or fall because of the sudden explosion of the high-pressure hose, blurting, sudden power failure, etc.

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