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How can we use the orbital welding machine?

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In the near future, rail trains will make people's travel more convenient, safe and efficient, and the welding technology of orbital welding machine will be more closely applied in the rail train manufacturing industry.

  • What is the process of using the orbital welding machine?

  • What are the features of the orbital welding machine?

  • What is the using principle of the orbital welding machine?

What is the process of using the orbital welding machine?

(1) Preparation of welding parts: Considering the high hardness of the rail steel, it is difficult to process the groove on site. Therefore, the orbital welding machine adopts the docking method and uses the existing end face of the rail as the operation surface. If the end face is seriously corroded, it is necessary to use the angle Grinding can polish the surface brightly.

(2) Determining the butt gap: Considering the height of the rail itself, the gap cannot be too small, otherwise the welding rod cannot be penetrated into it for welding operations, so it is necessary to reserve enough gap.

(3) Weldment preheating: In the preheating process of orbital welding machine, a gas welding torch is used for preheating, and an infrared temperature measuring gun is used to ensure that the preheating reaches the specified temperature.

(4) Butt surfacing process: The whole welding process adopts the welding method of multi-layer multi-pass welding. Although this method is relatively inefficient, it can ensure the welding strength and the temperature between layers.

(5) Post-weld heat treatment: Orbital welding machine heating method uses gas welding torch. After heating to the specified temperature, asbestos felt is used for heat preservation to prevent cracks from appearing after welding.

(6) Grinding of workpiece after welding: Orbital welding machine keeps the weld and rail base metal smooth.

What are the features of the orbital welding machine?

The biggest feature of orbital welding machine is local small-scale heating, high heating efficiency, easy to use, very suitable for rapid heating and cooling of high manganese steel welding, and also suitable for welding repair of local defects of rails. It is currently the most widely used in rail and rut welding repair methods. But it must be noted that the orbital welding machine must be properly preheated for rail welding. Because of the local heating and rapid cooling of the rail, it is easy to produce abnormal brittle structures such as martensite and bainite, which increases the brittleness of the rail. Preheating prevents abnormal tissue formation.

What is the using principle of the orbital welding machine?

Using pipe fixed, welding carriage walking to reach all position automatic pipe welding, welding process with high efficiency and low cost of CO2 gas shielded welding. Pipeline all position automatic welding machine consists of welding control system, welding carriage with torch, welding power source, wire feeding device and accessories.

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