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First. preparation before welding

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1. Adjust the operating vehicle

According to the width of the steel plate, adjust the height of the operating vehicle, so that the distance between the bottom edge of the wheel and the upper surface of the tray can reach the width of the steel plate. At this time, the upper limit of the tray is adjusted in the middle position, and the beam of the tray can also be adjusted accordingly in the construction according to the situation.After adjusting the operation car, be sure to insert the puncture pin of the column and tighten the screws to ensure the smooth operation of the car during walking


2. Power access

Make sure there is no short circuit in the operation car, place the welding power switch in the correct position of automatic welding, turn on the power, and close the main switch of the welding power supply.And test and debug the system is normal operation.


3. Clean the groove

The Angle grinder is used to clean up the oil and rust in the groove, remove burrs, splashes and solder spots on the groove surface. The lower vertical joints of the steel plate are ground to 100mm, and the contact points between the upper vertical joints and the transverse joints are handled well to make the bottom of the groove smooth and smooth, so as not to hinder the movement of the pallet along the steel plate.


4. Install the welding wire

Put the wire into the wire tray for fastening, and then cut off part of the bundled string.

A hose should be added between the welding wire plate and the welding gun to avoid electric leakage between the welding wire and the body.The pressing force of the straightening wheel should be small to avoid bending of the welding wire caused by excessive pressure.After the welding wire is inserted into the gun barrel, close the wire feeding pressing wheel and press the "wire feeding" button to send the welding wire out of the conductive nozzle for a length. At this time, all the binding ropes are cut open.The pressing degree of the pressing wheel should be appropriate. If it is too loose, it will cause the wire to slip. If it is too tight, it will cause the wire indentation to be too large, and the resistance will increase, leading to the instability of the welding arc.When the conductive tip is worn too much, it must be replaced in time, otherwise the conduction is not reliable, and it is easy to cause the welding arc instability.


5. Filling flux

The flux shall be dried with a special drying box, and the heating temperature shall be as per the requirements of the flux. After heating, the flux shall be kept warm to about 50℃.When the flux temperature is too high, it can not be loaded into the flux box, so as not to burn the flux pipe.Pay attention to clean the dust on the filter cover in the flux box to ensure the suction of recovery.


6. Adjust the torch

Adjust the position and Angle of the welding torch so that it is in the center of the supporting belt.Operator requires that the stretching length of the wire is 20-30mm, that is, the distance between the conductive tip of the welding gun and the steel plate. The Angle of the welding gun is generally about 25 degrees.


7. Adjust the flux transport and recovery system

Adjust and operate the roof wheel, so that the tray is separated from the steel plate. Adjust the supporting belt on the tray to about 15-20mm below the groove, and then remove the roof wheel from the steel plate, so that the supporting belt contacts the tank wall, and test the operation for about 1M to check whether it is in normal operation.Adjust the relative position of the conveying port and the welding gun to ensure that the welding flux can fully protect the welding point;Adjust the position of the recovery port to ensure that all unreacted flux can be recovered to the flux tray.


8. Check whether the welding power switch is correct, whether the ground wire contacts and conducts well, check whether the switch behind the operation box is in the "automatic" position, and close the welding power switch.


9. Adjust the wire does not contact the steel plate, open the wire feed pressing wheel, press the "start" button of welding, at this time the voltmeter is displayed, adjust the voltage to 35V, and adjust the current to make the wire feed wheel speed is appropriate, press the "stop" button.(This work is mainly to ensure that the arc is easy to start after welding, the welding current and arc voltage are stable and the arc is normal.)

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