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Advanced Tank jacking system

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Advanced Tank jacking system

We currently have three types of tank jacking system, which are advanced tank jacking system, chain tank jacking system and simple tank jacking system.Advanced tank jacking system has the most advanced hydraulic jacking technology available.Today we talk about the advanced tank jacking system.

Here is the content list:

  • What is the working principle of advanced tank jacking system?

  • What are the product components of the advanced tank jacking system?

  • What are the construction steps of advanced tank jacking system?

What is the working principle of advanced tank jacking system?

Advanced tank jacking system (package unit) is evenly distributed around tank inner wall. Tank top and upper (the first layer) wall plates are lifted first and then install and weld wall plates of tank body. Self locking advanced tank jacking system and hydraulic hoist composing of lifting frame and lifting rod are adopted. When oil enters advanced tank jacking system, upper clamp fastens and lifts lifting rod and expansion ring and mobilize tank (including tank top) to ascend upward. When oil returns to jack, upper clamp returns with piston and lower clamp automatically fastens lifting rod without gliding. The jack repeats the movement and make lifting rod ascend with tank to designated height (spare height for next layer of plate). After butt weld of next layer of wall plates, open upper and lower loosening device and loosen upper and lower clamp to make lifting rod and expansion ring descend to lower expanded and welded rib plate of the next layer of wall plates and then lift. Repeat the process and ascend welded tan till the last layer of wall plates are installed and welded. The installation of the whole storage tank is completed.

What are the product components of advanced tank jacking system?

1.One Module include

2.1 set x Power Pump Station: Hydraulic power supply, motor power 4KW, rated flow is about 15l/min.

3.5 sets x jacking cylinder: 25 tons rated (18 tons, 100%) (Including Hydraulic Jacking Device Components — Steel Cables, Support Device, Pull Rod, etc.)

4.5 sets x oil hoses system:One tank construction needs one jacking control system. Each jacking control system includes:

5.1 set x Electrical Controls and operating panels:

Each set includes:

1.1 centralized PLC operation control box,

2.1 power source cabinet

With the concentrated push-button and automatic PLC control system or single-set handle operated control.

Motor and PLC are with brand of SIMENS

Main electric element are Schneider brand

Hose with USA and China JV famous brand

What are the construction steps of advanced tank jacking system?

The following short description gives the working procedure in outline. It can in certain details be modified when required.

1.The tank bottom – plates are placed on the prepared foundation and welded together.

2.The beams or lattice work of the roof are assembled and finally joined to the upper rim of the shell ring.

3.The hydraulic jacking system is installed in the tank. The plates of the second shell ring (next to the top ring) are positioned outside the first one.

4.The completed part of the tank (roof and top shell ring) is lifted hydraulically to a height at which the plates of the second ring can be moved into place and the roof sheeting can be completed.

5.The plates of the second shell ring are located exactly and welded together to the lower edge of the first ring.

6.The plates of the third shell ring are placed outside the second shell ring.

7.The completed part of the tank (roof the two uppermost shell rings) is lifted.

8.The above cycle of operations is repeated until the last (bottom) shell ring is finished.

9.The entire tank is lowered down to the bottom plate and welded to this.

10.The lifting equipment is dismantled.

Above we talked about the working principle of advanced tank jacking system,equipment components and installation steps.If you need to know more, please visit our website for more information about advanced tank jacking system.

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