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About the repair and maintenance of pipeline construction equipment

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In recent years, large-scale pipeline projects have started one after another, and the level of mechanical equipment of pipeline construction solutions has been steadily improved. However, the management of pipeline construction equipment on the construction site has not kept up with the speed of pipeline engineering and mechanical equipment updates, resulting in a high rate of equipment failure and maintenance on the construction site. High cost, low technical performance and low utilization rate. In response to these situations, explore standardized maintenance in the management of pipeline construction equipment.


Here is the content list:

l Regarding the maintenance status of pipeline construction equipment at the construction site.

l What are the specific measures to achieve standardized maintenance of pipeline construction equipment?

l How can companies ensure the effective implementation of pipeline construction equipment maintenance procedures?


Regarding the maintenance status of pipeline construction equipment at the construction site.

l Objective conditions cause pipeline construction equipment maintenance to be unable to be carried out normally. Pipeline construction has a large geographic span, harsh construction environment, and increased equipment component wear, which directly affects the stability and reliability of the equipment, causing the mechanical equipment to lose basic performance and fail to operate normally. In addition, the current project schedule is very tight. In order to catch up with the schedule and grab the schedule, it is difficult to keep up with the daily maintenance of pipeline construction equipment.

l Subjectively neglect.The subjective factor that causes the on-site pipeline construction equipment maintenance to be unable to be carried out normally is that the relevant units and management personnel do not pay attention to the equipment management. In many construction companies, the management of the company, project management, and construction crews do not pay much attention to the management of pipeline construction equipment, believing that the equipment is just a tool for wear and tear during the construction process, which emphasizes use rather than maintenance. Many construction projects and construction units arbitrarily extend the maintenance cycle of pipeline construction equipment, reduce the grade of accessories and lubricants, so that the overhaul cycle of the engine is shortened due to human factors, project maintenance costs increase, and the cycle of equipment failures is prolonged. The technical performance of pipeline construction equipment has severely declined.

l Weak technical management capabilities.The quality of equipment maintenance has declined. First of all, many on-site management personnel's understanding of on-site maintenance of pipeline construction equipment is still at the level of "replacement of the three oil filters", and the maintenance of the engine, chassis and working devices is not included in the pipeline construction equipment. Maintenance plan in progress. Secondly, the equipment operators and maintenance personnel do not have a high level of basic skills and cannot complete the overall overhaul of pipeline construction equipment with high quality.


What are the specific measures to achieve standardized maintenance of pipeline construction equipment?

Repair and maintenance of pipeline construction equipmentt is very important. First of all, we must regularly check, maintain and replace vulnerable parts. WINCOO will provide manuals with the machine, such as high-performance pipeline construction equipment, automatic pipeline construction equipment, small pipeline construction equipment, high-precision pipeline construction equipment, easy-to-maintain pipeline construction equipment, etc. The following are specific measures:


(1)Technical measures

① In view of the low maintenance quality of pipeline construction equipment, by compiling comprehensive, meticulous, and highly operable procedures, not only can we clarify what tasks the pipeline construction equipment operators and maintenance personnel need to do daily maintenance and secondary maintenance, but also tell them How to work.

② While compiling maintenance procedures for pipeline construction equipment, the company also compiled checklists for standardized maintenance and management of various types of pipeline construction equipment, making it the main basis for management departments at all levels to inspect pipeline construction equipment, and unify inspection standards and assessment scores. Standards to facilitate the recording, filing and review of equipment inspections and inspection results.

(2)Management measures

① Personnel training. Strengthen the learning and training of pipeline construction equipment supervisors,managers, and maintenance personnel to change their concepts, fully understand the importance of maintenance to the use of equipment, and cultivate long-term perspectives and implementation of pipeline construction equipment maintenance, and completely avoid the first phase The situation where the project "eaten" a batch of pipeline construction equipment. Through regular learning and training, the standardized equipment maintenance procedures are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and become the working guidelines and working habits of operators and repairers, rather than the work requirements of the superior management department. Through learning and training, to a certain extent, the sense of responsibility and dedication of managers at all levels has also been improved.

② Innovate the system of deciding people and machines. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of equipment operators to rationally use pipeline construction equipment, earnestly maintain pipeline construction equipment, and sincerely care for pipeline construction equipment, the company strictly implements the system of determining personnel and equipment, and integrates the personnel and equipment management information system to control the attendance and equipment of the operators. The intactness of the pipeline construction equipment is linked together, and the man-hours for equipment maintenance are included in the actual man-hours of the operator.

(3)Economic measures

① Increase the intensity of rewards and punishments for pipeline construction equipment inspection. In order to ensure the implementation of the standardization of pipeline construction equipment on-site maintenance, the company pays special attention to the intensity of inspection rewards and punishments for pipeline construction equipment when revising the management system.

② Link the maintenance of pipeline construction equipment with bonuses. In order to motivate the construction unit to use and maintain the pipeline construction equipment, the project department regards equipment maintenance as an important assessment index when formulating the economic responsibility system assessment, guiding the construction unit to use the maintenance pipeline construction equipment rationally, controlling the construction progress and avoiding the problem to the greatest extent.


How can companies ensure the effective implementation of pipeline construction equipment maintenance procedures?

In order to ensure that pipeline construction equipment maintenance procedures can be effectively implemented, the company has formulated corresponding management systems and adopted specific measures to supervise the implementation of these systems.

l Divide maintenance responsibilities. In the management system, the corresponding responsibilities of equipment operators, pipeline construction equipment maintenance personnel, unit equipment managers, and project pipeline construction equipment managers are clarified, and these responsibilities are written into the maintenance procedures manual of each type of equipment, so that all levels of pipeline construction equipment Managers can see what they should do every day and how to record their work in the maintenance procedures.

l Promote standardized pipeline construction equipment maintenance procedures. Implement standardized equipment maintenance organization processes in each construction project to ensure smooth equipment maintenance channels and optimize the maintenance force of the entire project.

l Establish a professional maintenance team. The project department mobilizes skilled fitters, electricians, and repairers to form a professional maintenance team, which is conducive to the unified scheduling of maintenance forces for the project, and ensures low failure rate and high utilization of pipeline construction equipment.

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