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Lower Price Hydraulic Jack for Tank Construction Machinery

Material:Stainless steel
Min order:1 set
Simple Unfixing Holding -latch Hydraulic Jacking System

I.Product description

 Simple unfixing Holding -latch hydraulic Jack is a double acting hydraulic jack (also known as hydraulic lifting machine) with upper and lower clamping heads divided into two bodies. It is suitable for lifting construction of various large storage tanks (steel) or other heavy objects.It needs to cooperate with the lifting rod to achieve reciprocating lifting work.

II. Product Structure description

 The jack comprises an oil cylinder and a piston, the upper and lower ends of the oil cylinder are respectively provided with an upper cylinder head and a lower cylinder head, and the upper cylinder head and the lower cylinder head are respectively provided with an oil inlet and outlet hole;The piston is arranged in the middle of the piston rod, the both ends of the piston rod respectively extend out of the upper cylinder head and the lower cylinder head, the piston rod is hollow, and the lifting rod axial through the piston rod, the lifting rod on the upper side and the lower side of the piston rod are respectively provided with a locking device;The locking device comprises a gripping part set on the lifting rod, the gripping part is provided with a large and small conical hole, the inner side of the conical hole is circumferentially provided with a number of wedge blocks;The outer surface of the wedge block is compatible with the conical hole, the inner side of the wedge block is provided with a clamping tooth, the clamping tooth is held on the lifting rod, the wedge block is provided with a circular spring chuck;The spring chuck is provided with a plurality of round holes, a round hole is provided with a reset spring, the upper side of the spring chuck is provided with an annular cover fixed with the grip part, and the both ends of the reset spring are respectively conflicted between the lower end face of the wedge block and the cover;The grip part on the upper side of the locking device is relatively fixed with the upper end of the piston rod, and the grip part on the lower side of the locking device is relatively fixed with the lower cylinder head by the support.

III.Working principle

 Hydraulic lifting device (package unit) is evenly distributed around tank inner wall. Tank top and upper (the first layer) wall plates are lifted first and then install and weld wall plates of tank body. Self locking hydraulic jack and hydraulic hoist composing of lifting frame and lifting rod are adopted. When oil enters hydraulic jack, upper clamp fastens and lifts lifting rod and expansion ring and mobilize tank (including tank top) to ascend upward. When oil returns to jack, upper clamp returns with piston and lower clamp automatically fastens lifting rod without gliding. The jack repeats the movement and make lifting rod ascend with tank to designated height (spare height for next layer of plate). After butt weld of next layer of wall plates, open upper and lower loosening device and loosen upper and lower clamp to make lifting rod and expansion ring descend to lower expanded and welded rib plate of the next layer of wall plates and then lift. Repeat the process and ascend welded tan till the last layer of wall plates are installed and welded. The installation of the whole storage tank is completed.

IV.Product features

1,Simple jack adopts low relaxation steel strand, as long as there is a reasonable bearing lifting point, lifting height is not restricted;

2,Through the expansion and combination of simple jacks, the lifting weight, span and area are unlimited;

3,Small volume, light weight, large bearing capacity, convenient and flexible installation, especially suitable for small space or indoor large tonnage tank lifting;

4,The simple jack has reverse motion self-locking, which makes the lifting process very convenient, and the storage tank can be locked reliably at any position in the lifting process for a long time;

5,The jack has a high degree of automation, convenient and flexible operation, with automatic operation, semi-automatic operation, single point adjustment, manual operation and other operations.LCD display, touch screen display, button operation panel display, very intuitive.And the control system is equipped with self-correction protection procedures, even if the misoperation will not cause accidents;

6,Using this series of simple unfixing Holding -latch hydraulic Jack, the construction period is short, the cost is low, the economic benefit is good.

V.Product parameter

1、Pump station (YB-40)

Maximum pressure:25MPa


Rated oil flow:40L/min

Motor rotate speed:1470r/min

oil tank capacity:240L

System temperature  :20-60℃

oil filter precision:20υm

Voltage:main power supply 220V, 3 phase)

System oil type:L-HM46# antiwear hydraulic oil

Total weight:370Kg


2、SQD-120-100S.F JACKS

theory lifting capacity:123KN

Rated lift capacity:120KN

rated oil pressure:18MPa

Hydraulic stroke:100±0.5mm

Glissade capacity:≤5mm


Oil outlet:M16*1.5

Installation size for jack base: settle 4-M16 on the circumference of a φ120 circle

Installation size for up and down chuck: settle 3 *16U hole on the circumference of a φ110 circle


Suitable lifting rod:φ32round steel(45#)

Chuck device: screw mechanism

3、Jack support (TSJ-120-2600L)

Total height:3460mm

Lifting rod height:3900mm

Slider stroke:2630mm

Sliding block guide wheel quantity  :4 pcs

Lifting rod diameter:φ32mm

Distance between expansion loop support to ground :310mm


VI.Product photos


VII.Company profile

  Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd is a hydraulic machinery manufacturing company integrated with design, development, production and sales, which mainly manufactures LYT-type chain-type hydraulic hoist, SQD unfixing holding-latch hydraulic hoist and supporting products. Such products are mainly used for inverted lifting and installation of steel storage tanks. Founded in 2003, after years of concentrated scientific research and development, the company obtained the patent certificate of "Utility Model Hydraulic Hoist’ issued by "China National Intellectual Property Administration", and the right to use the trademark of "WINCOO" in 2008, so as to enable products of Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd to quickly become Chinese brands.

  Since entering Chinese market for more than 10 years, products of Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd has been sold in nearly thirty provinces, cities and autonomous regions in China, and some overseas markets. The company has production line of advanced technology; meanwhile, Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd designs, develops and processes products for famous domestic installation companies. With professional team, strict management and excellent equipment, the company strives to create the brand of "WINCOO", hydraulic hoist and series supporting products. As an expert of hydraulic hoist, WINCOO with charm of high technology is keen, innovative and forging ahead to establish design language of the company. In an all-inclusive and absorbing and open-minded manner, the hydraulic hoist and hydraulic pump station are perfectly combined to form hydraulic lifting equipment (hydraulic jacking equipment). As the founder and disseminator of hydraulic hoist, WINCOO has been building the inverted hydraulic lifting equipment and production technology of Dongfang installation engineering for a long time.

  Wincoo Engineering Co.,ltd is committed to the research and development of LYT-type chain-type hydraulic hoist, SQD-type unfixing holding-latch hydraulic hoist and the supporting equipment. The LYT-type and SQD-series products have been widely used in various projects (inverted lifting, translation, jacking, and climbing, etc.) by major installation companies all over the country, and have achieved satisfactory results.

  WINCOO sticks to improve core competitiveness by virtue of corporate culture, thus setting a good social image of the company during development. "Those hoping to expand the company must study hard from the moment, and the pursuit is endless". "WINCOO" will continuously forge ahead, contributes to the course of installation project in China and permanently moves forward to forge the monument of hydraulic lifting industry in China.


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